43-year-old Liu Tao play 15-year-old young woman bathing scene was sprayed strong like a man

Recently, Liu Tao and Zhou Yumin starred in the costume drama “Song Palace” on the air, but but “out of the division”, Liu Tao in the play at the beginning of the role of 15-year-old girl’s shape is also trolled.

Netizens have said: 43-year-old Liu Tao play 15-year-old girl too have a sense of incongruity, now no young actress?

It is reported that in the TV series “Song Palace”, Liu Tao played Liu E first set debut, but this Time she was only 15 years old, is a proper flower girl, this drama although broadcast in 2021, but in fact is shot in 2018 or so, that is, 3 years ago. But even so, 3 years ago Liu Tao also has 40 years old, but directly aged 25 years, dressed as 15-year-old girl, trying to show “girl sense”, or let many viewers feel very incongruous.

Previously, Liu Tao and 3 years younger male lead actor Zhou Yumin’s kissing scene highlights also sparked the attention of netizens, many netizens straight out of the sweetness burst, but more netizens feel that the two do not cp sense, and said: the picture is too spicy eyes, feel very greasy, the sugar is difficult to swallow ……

Kissing scene