U.S. writer: open borders policy defies common sense and is dangerous

Illegal immigrants running to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Frank Miele, an American Writer, said in a March 19 article in the Epoch Times that many of the founding principles of the United States were based on “self-evident” truths and common sense that ensured America’s greatness for more than 240 years. But many federal government policies, including open borders, now defy that common sense and have been replaced by doctrine and dogma. This is very dangerous.

Miller’s article is translated as follows.

“We hold these to be self-evident truths ……”

This is one of the most crucial declarations in the progress of human freedom. By saying these words, Thomas Jefferson was challenging the King of England, Parliament and all the recalcitrant elites. And these men had, until then, held power by virtue of their Education, families and wealth.

No more, Jefferson insisted. By declaring the truth of equal and inalienable rights to be “self-evident,” Jefferson freed ordinary people from the shackles of their long and bitter oppression, including being told what to think by those “superior” to them.

In short, it was the genius of American democracy, based on “common sense,” not only in Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, but in the concept itself. The American people have discovered that their Creator has given them enough power to take on any responsibility, to meet any challenge, to face any oppressor. They could think for themselves. This is the key.

Because Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers expressed this revolutionary idea, they were given the power by the people to conduct the Revolutionary War, and their power (as the Declaration of Independence puts it) “came from the consent of the governed.”

The same “consent of the governed” has been the basis of our democracy for the past 245 years, but it must not be taken for granted. Jefferson believed that “whenever any form of government breaks down these principles, the people have a right to alter or abolish it, and to establish a new government, based on these principles, and organizing its powers in such form as shall appear to them to be most conducive to their safety and happiness.”

Jefferson was right to warn that governments should not be easily changed, but we must also be cautious about entrenched power. When a government becomes increasingly hostile to the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom of its own citizens, we have to question whether the will of the people is being eroded by the government.

Common sense seems to have been replaced by doctrine and dogma in much American public policy today, a dangerous situation, especially when sufficiently educated people reject facts with doctrine.

This conflict is naturally a serious violation of the will of the governed, as a people who cannot trust their government to tell the truth will eventually question the legitimacy of that government. This current violation is the most dramatic since the Constitution of 1787 corrected the errors of the original Articles of Confederation. You only need to dispute the legitimacy of the last election to know that the “will” of the people is being tested. You can also see this suppression in policy debates on transgenderism, gun control and free speech. The Biden administration has strangely insisted that borders (like its notion of gender) are fluid, transient, and apparently entirely optional.

Open borders fundamentally threaten the social contract between the governed and the government because it leaves the people unprotected. Just as the governed have to be loyal to the government, so the government has to be loyal to the people. Not to anyone, not to the people of the world, but to the people of their own country. The “security and happiness” of the people must be the guiding principle of any government. Clearly, the U.S. government’s indifference to the influx of non-citizens into the United States is a direct threat to the health and safety of the American people.

Roberta Jacobson is the U.S. ambassador to Mexico and President Biden’s “southern border coordinator. At a press conference last week, she explained the U.S. government’s efforts to “change our immigration system,” but she also explained, perhaps frankly, what they are doing to change the core of our country.

Jacobson said, “We can’t just undo what the last administration (did) in four years.” But it does look like they’re doing that. The Trump (Trump) administration has worked tirelessly to stop illegal immigration, and the Biden team is rolling out the red carpet to welcome it. Building a border wall? Construction is halted. The “stay in Mexico” policy? Abandoned. Catch and release? Restored. Busloads of illegal immigrants are being transported across the United States, many almost certainly infected with the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19).

Jacobson said the United States is investing billions of dollars in Central American countries in the hope that conditions in those countries will improve dramatically so their desperate people won’t have to travel long distances to our borders. The ambassador claimed that the cash infusion would address the underlying problem of illegal immigration, which she said is rooted in “corruption, violence and economic devastation fueled by climate change.

Really? An injection of $4 billion into the jackal-ridden countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras will reduce corruption? What universe is this in? Can our dollars somehow end the violence in these countries? Well, if we can, please tell me why we don’t spend $4 billion to end violence in Chicago, where Democratic policies have led to a 50 percent spike in gun violence and murders in 2020.

Such policy ideas represent an idealistic view of the world that is divorced from common sense. Jacobson argues that conditions “force” people to move, while common sense clearly shows that U.S. policies have been drawing people to move for decades. It was clear from her press conference that these policies are not getting better, only worse. We will “reconsider the asylum process to ensure fair and expeditious hearings. According to Jacobson, this is all about providing “hope for families,” but not “hope” for American families who will be paying the bills and whose wages will likely drop or lose their jobs altogether.

This is completely contradictory and absurd. On the one hand, Jacobson tells us that Biden will work to “expand safe and legal access to the United States. But on the other hand, she “wants to be clear” that there is nothing in U.S. policy that is designed to “encourage anyone to risk trying to enter the United States in a way that is not legal. No open borders”.

I thought the video of the tidal wave of Latinos crossing into the U.S. was just some forgery by QAnon or Roger Stone (pick your favorite conservative scapegoat!) . Jacobson even complains that Mexican crime syndicates have somehow misled migrants into thinking the border is open. Once again, this complaint from the official U.S. government position violates the common sense promised to America by Thomas Jefferson. It is abundantly clear to anyone who has watched the border video in the past week that the border is open and that the crisis is real. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

But the Biden team doesn’t get it. It abandoned Trump’s “America First” policy. We now have a federal government that intends to be responsible for the “hopes and Dreams” of foreign nationals. Not only that, but it’s doing so at the expense of Americans.

Let’s not forget the Democrats’ plan to pardon up to 20 million illegal aliens. This is the equivalent of increasing the population of Montana by 10 times the size of the United States, which essentially means that voters in Montana and elsewhere will be reduced to second-class citizens. If our elected leaders can create a new kind of voter and do so whenever it is convenient, either through Amnesty or by weakening election rules so that anyone can vote to dilute the American vote, then the will of the governed is nothing more than a poor store trick.

The patience of the American people is being tested. Will common sense prevail? Or is it too late?