Xi Jinping’s visit to Fujian emphasizes the advancement of Marxism’s Chineseization

Mainland President Xi Jinping went to Fujian on Monday (22) for a research trip, accompanied by his wife Peng Liyuan. He said that China takes the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and must promote the Chineseization of Marxism.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that Xi Jinping came to Wuyishan National Park Wisdom Management Center in Nanping City that afternoon, Xingcun Town, Swallow Areal Ecological Tea Park, Zhu Xi Park, to understand the construction of ecological civilization, the development of the tea industry and the heritage of traditional Culture.

Xi Jinping in Zhu Xi Park to understand the Life of Zhu Xi and the study of science, it said China to take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, must promote the Chineseization of Marxism, “If there is no Chinese 5,000 years of civilization, where is what Chinese characteristics? If not Chinese characteristics, where is the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics that we are so successful today?” Xi said that special attention should be paid to tapping the essence of the 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization, promoting the excellent traditional culture, combining the essence of it with the Marxist position, viewpoint and method, and unswervingly following the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Xi Jinping’s other stop was to visit the ecological tea plantation in Yanzhiole, Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City, to inspect the growth of spring tea and learn about the development of the local tea industry. According to the report, Xi Jinping heard that in recent years, under the guidance of a team of science and technology experts, the tea plantation highlights ecological planting, improve the quality of tea and drive tea farmers to increase income.

Xi Jinping also pointed out that Wuyi Mountain, the natural treasures, tea culture has a long history, the climate is suitable, tea resources have obvious advantages, and technology support, the formation of a vibrant tea industry. The local should be a good summary of the experience of science and technology missionary system, continue to improve, consolidate and adhere to. To integrate tea culture, tea industry, tea technology, the past tea industry is the local poverty alleviation pillar industry, the future to become a pillar industry of rural revitalization.

Xi Jinping to Wuyishan City, Xingcun Town, Swallow areal ecological tea garden, to see the spring tea growth, stressed that the future of the local tea industry to become a pillar industry of rural revitalization.