Anti-Taiwan? Chinese Communist Party imposes retaliatory sanctions European Parliament members warn: not to ratify investment agreements

As tensions between China and Europe worsen and sanctions are imposed on each other, several EU officials have warned that the recently negotiated China-EU investment agreement between the two sides could change as a result, according to a foreign news report.

According to the report, the EU yesterday (22) imposed sanctions on four Chinese officials and one entity as part of the U.S. and its allies’ campaign against China. But China also retaliated against the EU, announcing the blacklisting of 10 EU lawmakers and four entities. In response, several members of the European Parliament warned that they would not ratify the China-EU investment agreement agreed last December.

Kathleen van Brempt, a member of the European Parliament’s left-wing group Socialists and Democrats for Progress (S&D), was quoted as saying that lifting the sanctions against members of the European Parliament is a prerequisite for negotiations with the Chinese government on the investment agreement. S&D is reportedly the 2nd largest party group in the European Parliament, with 145 members of the European Parliament.

Reinhard Bütikofer, a German member of the European Parliament’s Green Party and the European Free Alliance (G/EFA) and head of the European Parliament’s China delegation, said on social media platforms that ratification of the China-EU investment agreement was becoming “more and more impossible” after the imposition of sanctions by the Chinese Communist Party. It is more and more impossible”.

Miriam Lexmann, a Slovak member of the right-wing European Parliament group “European People’s Party (EPP)”, also said that the actions of the Chinese Communist Party will show that they are not interested in being partners and want to be competitors that undermine basic values and principles.