China-made vaccine can’t be trusted Local officials force residents to get vaccinated

The safety and efficacy of China’s domestic vaccines are widely questioned by outsiders. Many people on the mainland have disclosed that local officials are forcing residents to get vaccinated against the New Crown (a Chinese Communist virus). One interviewee told the station that it took a week for a friend of his to return to normal after receiving the vaccine.

Some 70 million people in China have already been vaccinated against New Crown under the New Crown Epidemic. However, residents of several regions told Radio Free Asia that many people refuse to receive the New Crown vaccine due to fears of side effects, but local officials are forcing residents to get vaccinated in order to meet targets from higher-ups. Guangdong resident Mr. Chen told the station this Tuesday (March 23), “Many ordinary people do not believe in the safety of domestic vaccines. Over the past decade or so, there have been too many cases of vaccine victims, especially small children. The people can’t believe in domestic vaccines, so I haven’t gone for vaccination. Those in the system or in the career establishment have been vaccinated and are compelled to do so.”

Mr. Gao, a resident of Wuhan, told the station, “Our Wuhan government departments are all getting vaccinated, the bus system, the cab system are all getting vaccinated. Usually two shots are given, and now the compulsory (vaccination) is more obvious.”

Left: Netizens disclose that their superiors are asking grassroots cadres to make vaccination mandatory for residents. Right: A company’s expatriate staff still infected with the new coronavirus five months after being vaccinated. (Web photo/Provided by Qiao Long)

China’s State Council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference this Sunday (21), the Chinese CDC’s chief expert on immunization planning Wang Huaqing responded to a land media reporter about what adverse reactions have been monitored after the current domestic vaccination and whether the relevant data can be released to the public on a regular basis, saying that local reactions include pain, redness, swelling and hard nodes, while systemic reactions are relatively more likely to be headache, weakness and low fever, but the official did not The official did not specify the cases of deaths caused by vaccination.

Cadres force residents to get vaccinated to meet targets

Ms. Song, a resident of Daxing, Beijing, told the station that a month ago, cadres of the local neighborhood committee had forced residents to get vaccinated in order to fulfill their targets: “The units are forcing vaccination, and you can’t go to work if you don’t get vaccinated, and we are forcing vaccination on our side, no matter how old you are. Yesterday, a netizen told me that you will not be allowed to work without vaccination. The leaders of each unit do not vaccinate, you say it is good, why do not they do. The unit with more vaccines gets a bonus. The number of bonus, taking people as animals?”

Shanghai Pudong residents queue for vaccination, residents say the leadership cadres collectively play missing. (WeChat photo/provided by Qiao Long)

Ms. Wang in Zhejiang said that because many people refused to be vaccinated, the authorities issued an indicator for universal vaccination: “Enterprises and institutions are allocating places, but everyone is skeptical. There was a doctor in Xi’an two days ago (who got infected after vaccination). There was also one in Hong Kong two days ago who got infected after getting the Coxin vaccine. A boy in his twenties got it two days ago and was drowsy for over a week and still drowsy.”

The adverse reactions and inefficiency of vaccination with Chinese vaccines have recently sparked a lot of debate among netizens. Numerous netizens disclosed that they had various kinds of reactions after receiving domestic vaccines. Ms. Wang said, “The inoculation rate in Chile now goes to 43%, but the rate of new crown infections is record high.”

4 domestic vaccines listed people afraid to vaccinate

In China, there are four officially approved domestic vaccines, three of which are inactivated vaccines, developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group’s China Institute of Biological Products in Beijing, China Institute of Biological Products in Wuhan, and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co Ltd; the other is a vaccine researched by Kangxino Biologicals Co Ltd, the only vaccine with a single-dose immunization program.

Since the introduction of the Kexing vaccine in Hong Kong, seven people have died indirectly as a result of receiving the vaccine, which has aroused public concern, and many Hong Kong people who have made appointments to receive domestic vaccines have cancelled their appointments. It was reported that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran was diagnosed with New Coronavirus two days after receiving the Chinese-made vaccine on March 18.