Clinic lists Kexin Fubitai vaccine past performance as “prohibited”, sniped at by pro-China group Health Department “kneeling low”

The Hong Kong Department of health on Monday (22) terminated the vaccination agreement with a medical clinic in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong, and immediately arranged for the recall of unused Kexin vaccine. A picture has been circulating on the Internet showing a clinic comparing the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination with the Kexin and Fubatai vaccines to the public.

The chart mentions that the Kexing vaccine has a “bad reputation”, “it is recommended not to do it”, “Dr. Liu himself does not do it” and “Professor Yuan Guoyong does not do it The chart mentions the “bad reputation” of the Kexing vaccine, “advice not to give it”, “Dr. Liu himself does not give it”, and “Professor Yuan Guoyong does not give it”. The pro-China newspaper Wen Wei Po “released a snake”, disclosing that the clinic is located in To Kwa Wan and revealing the doctor surnamed Liu. The pro-China group “Hong Kong Political Research Association” continues to snipe, to “black doctor smear” Kexing vaccine for the reason, has complained to the Medical Council on the matter, and its Facebook page indicates that it will continue to follow up on the investigation of medical ethics.

The Hong Kong Department of Health confirmed to the media on Tuesday (23), after receiving the complaint investigation, a few days ago (22) to terminate the vaccination service agreement of the clinic concerned, and recall the unused Kexing vaccine.

However, many netizens on Facebook said: “Doctors are looking out for their patients”, “It is the government that tells people to consult doctors before giving injections”, “The original agreement is to not let people tell the truth”, etc. Support the doctor. Is the pro-China group unable to accept the truth? The doctor, surnamed Liu, said in response to an inquiry from Ta Kung Pao, that because people often ask which vaccine they should choose, they “designed a piece of paper for everyone to see”, saying that it is not recommended to receive the Kexing vaccine, and that they have provided justification.