Open the monitoring frightened Chongqing was born 40 days baby girl babysitter high throw slapped chaotic pat

The babysitter kept shaking the baby, who was only 40 days old, and kept throwing her upwards, slapping her and pinching her nose. (Screenshot of video)

Mr. and Mrs. Fan of Chongqing were blessed with a new baby a month or so ago and hired a babysitter to take care of the baby at Home. But a few days ago, Mr. Fan’s wife turned on the monitor and found that the babysitter had been shaking the baby, who was only 40 days old, and kept throwing her upward, slapping her, pinching her nose, and slapping her.

Source: YouTube

The 1st Eye – Chongqing Broadcasting reported that the 50-year-old babysitter, Sister Wang, from Tongliang, is the mother of a former colleague of Mr. Fan’s wife and is very experienced.

Wang Da Sister 13 to Mr. Fan’s home, Mr. Fan said the Family are good to Wang Da Sister, the couple’s large bedroom to let the daughter and Wang Da Sister live.

The couple is busy at work, in order to see the child, they installed a camera on the opposite side of the crib. 17 day, only the child and Sister Wang left at home. The wife missed her daughter, so she opened the camera in between work and was shocked to see a scene. Mr. Fan’s wife said, “The babysitter kept shaking her, and kept throwing the child upward and slapping her, I just couldn’t take it when I saw it.” Mr. Fan then called the police.

According to reports, the police went to the scene to view the video and concluded that Ms. Wang was suspected of beating the baby and subsequently took her away. Mr. Fan said the babysitter was watching the child, but in an abnormal way, she picked up the child in the air and flung, slapped, pinched the nose, all kinds of slaps, all hit hard.

Mr. Fan said that afterwards he sent the video to Wang’s family, the other side said that Wang’s daughter was not beating the child, just rude movements.

The report said Wang’s daughter has been punished by the Yubei District Shuanglong Police Station with 15 days of administrative detention and a fine of 500 yuan (about $77). After a hospital examination, Mr. Fan’s daughter currently has no physical abnormalities.