Xi Jinping and his wife tour Fujian “a small group of people” was circled

Jinping and his wife visited Fujian on the 22nd. (Video screenshot)

Xi Jinping and his wife visited Fujian on the 22nd, and their first stop was Wuyi Mountain. Xi and his entourage took a bamboo raft tour of Jiuqu River, and visited places such as Zhu Xi Garden. At each stop, there were “crowd actors” circled in a small area, waving and greeting Xi Jinping as he passed by, but no one dared to move.

According to CCTV, on the afternoon of 22, Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan visited the Wuyishan National Park Wisdom Management Center in Nanping City, Xingcun Town Swallow Areal Ecological Tea Garden and Zhu Xi Garden to learn about the development of the tea industry and the heritage of traditional Culture.

The Chinese Communist Party‘s Xinhua News Agency reported that this is the first Time after the two sessions of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi left Beijing to visit the first stop in Wuyishan, Fujian. The newspaper published a photo of Xi and his wife on a bamboo raft at Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain. The photo was taken by Yin Li, secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, and Ding Xuexiang, director of the Central Office.

Xi Jinping is back in Fujian for another pro-people show, taking a rare photo with his wife on a raft.
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The newest addition to the list is a new one.

These “people” are motionless, standing still and waving, and there are suspected security guards in front and behind. The “people” are standing still and waving, and there are suspected security guards in front of and behind them, and there are no other tourists in sight wherever Xi Jinping goes.

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Live video shows Xi Jinping and his entourage arriving at Wuyishan National Park in Nanping City as they get out of their van, with some specially arranged people in front of them greeting and saying hello to Xi, but no pedestrians are visible in the rest of the park.

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A similar scene was seen at Zhu Xi Garden. The photos released by Xinhua News Agency show that the “mass actors” are surrounded by bodyguards, and the park is not visible to visitors, Xi and the “mass actors” waving, at least keep more than 5 meters away.

And Xi Jinping stood on the road when inspecting the tea plantations, in a condescending posture to lecture farmers, and across a row of tea trees.

Some netizens analysis that Xi Jinping’s “inspection” is actually a tour, but also a prearranged “pro-people riot”.

Fujian is the place where Xi Jinping ruled in his early years and is considered to be a rather important power base for Xi Jinping. Xi served in Xiamen, Ningde and Fuzhou in Fujian since 1985, and became deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and vice governor in 1999; he was promoted to governor in 2000 and became vice governor and acting governor of Zhejiang in October 2002.