Zhang Anle self-exposed training youth from green to red looking for things not negotiable

The president of the Chinese Unification Party, “White Wolf” Zhang Anle, was interviewed by the Chinese Communist Party‘s official media and confessed to assisting the Chinese Communist Party in its united war against Taiwan.

The media reported that Zhang Anle was interviewed by the official media, Central People’s Radio, and revealed how he relied on his past background in the jungle to absorb and train young people by participating in activities, so that they could “turn from green to red”, with the aim of developing a red team responsible for promoting “peaceful reunification. The purpose is to develop a red team responsible for promoting “peaceful reunification”.

The government’s National Security Agency (NSA), which is responsible for investigating crimes of internal and external disturbances, opened a case earlier this year after receiving a denunciation and assigned prosecutor Wang Zhenghao to investigate the case. Wang, who graduated from the 40th class of the Judicial Officer Training Institute, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Public Service Award and has investigated the collective procurement malpractice case of officials from the Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and the professional baseball fake ball case.

The High Prosecutor’s Office has directed the Bureau of Investigation to check the relevant information to clarify whether Zhang Anle is involved in the National Security Law or the Criminal Law of civil unrest, foreign crime, does not exclude the recent interview with Zhang Anle and others to the case to explain.

In February this year, the Land Commission said that the Chinese Communist Party has long used Taiwan’s democratic and open society to infiltrate Taiwan’s united front in various fields, threatening national security and social stability, including the use of mob forces to create trouble and improperly recruit and absorb Taiwanese personnel, the government is closely concerned about the situation, strictly guarded.

According to Article 2-1, paragraph 1, and Article 5-1 of the National Security Law, anyone who initiates, finances, hosts, manipulates, directs, or develops an organization for the mainland with the intent to endanger national security or social stability shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than seven years and a fine of not less than NT$50 million and not more than NT$100 million.