Vacationers defy curfew, Miami police make thousands of arrests in a month

Miami Beach, Florida, March 21. A curfew is in effect in Miami Beach, Florida on March 21, 2021 at 8 p.m., but people are still gathering in the area. College students have arrived in the south Florida area for the annual spring break ceremony. As the outbreak of the CCP virus continues, city officials have decided to implement an 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.

Miami officials announced that more than a thousand people have been detained and about eighty guns seized in the Florida tourist city known for its nightlife and beaches since spring break, which began in early February.

Miami police said a large crowd gathered in the city again over the weekend, bringing “chaos and disorder” to the city, NTD News reported.

The Miami Beach Police Department tweeted, “Since Friday (March 19), we have arrested over 50 people and confiscated eight guns.”

On Sunday (March 21), the Miami Beach Board of Commissioners also voted and unanimously approved a decision to extend the curfew and closure order in the popular tourist city until at least March 30, and possibly until April 12.

Florida is one of the few states in the nation to reopen in the midst of the CCP virus (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus) outbreak. The curfew was imposed to effectively shut down the state’s famous spring break tourist hotspots.

Raul Aguila, a city official, revealed that more than half of the 1,000 people arrested during this year’s spring break were not Florida natives, but came from outside the state. A large percentage of visitors come “with a lawless, ‘whatever’ party attitude” – a fact that gives the area a reputation for spring break.

After announcing the new curfew, Aguilar said, “Our goal is to really restrain the crowds of tourists and the potential for violent vandalism and property damage, whether it’s intentional or not.”

During the weekend, a party descended into chaos, forcing Miami police to fire pepper bombs at party-goers and arrest some who refused to obey the new curfew and created a disturbance.

Since Friday, we have made over50 arrests and confiscated8 firearms. ‘d like to thank all of our partner law enforcement agencies for their efforts and support.#MBPDprotecting CollaborationIsKey

  • Miami Beach Police (@MiamiBeachPD) March 21,2021

According to law enforcement, a restaurant was “turned upside down” during the melee, “chairs were used as weapons” and the floor was covered in broken glass. Several gunshots were heard and a young woman was hospitalized with a serious leg injury.

While most of the crowd remained peaceful, they refused to comply with the 8 p.m. curfew issued by Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber earlier in the evening. The mayor also declared a state of emergency, saying the recent influx of people into the city was “more than we can handle.”

“When hundreds of people are running through the streets in panic, you realize it’s beyond the control of the police,” Gelber said at a March 21 meeting.

Officials said many people who visit the state during spring break don’t eat at restaurants or patronize businesses, but mainly just gather together in the streets by the thousands.

Several videos on social media show many people in the popular tourist city ignoring social distance rules and refusing to go Home even after the curfew order.

Meanwhile, Miami Beach authorities banned alcohol on the beach, banned all alcohol sales after 10 p.m., and even sent text messages to visitors warning, “Vacation responsibly or get arrested.”