Abomination: the father of a 3-year-old child with cancer is critically ill rushed home company refused to approve and fired people

A father from Anhui Province, China, working in Suzhou, received a phone call from his hometown at the beginning of the month that his son was critically ill, and he rushed Home overnight to see his son and reported the situation to the company supervisor and asked for leave, but the company did not accept it and unilaterally terminated the employee’s contract afterwards for being absent from work for three consecutive days.

The father, surnamed Zhang, who works in “Asia Technology Precision Components (Suzhou) Co. He called his supervisor to ask for a leave of absence.

“At that Time, the supervisor said leave to Monday (March 8) and the boss, he could not make the decision, but then the boss said leave is impossible, to let me leave on their own, but I do not agree, but they are absent from work for three consecutive days as the reason, unilaterally and I terminated the employment contract.” Dad learned the news, said he could not work without, his son still needs money to cure the disease.

The supervisor of the company where Zhang’s dad worked said he had been on leave since September last year and did not return to work again until February in the first half of this year, and he did call for leave that night, but the company said it was not approved. “Due to his child’s condition also do not know when can be cured, Mr. Zhang leave is also a period of time for a period of time, the company side or suggest that he first for the separation, and then come back to work after the child’s matter is settled, the treatment will also remain the same as before.”

For Mr. Zhang’s case, some lawyers suggest desirable labor dispute arbitration institutions to apply for labor arbitration, and labor arbitration type cases can apply for legal aid.