Refers to the imminent return of Trump former campaign adviser: will create their own platform to return to the community

Former President Donald Trump, who has been blocked by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, said through Jason Miller, a former campaign advisor, that he will use his own platform to return to social media, and emphasized that it will be his own platform.

The company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are often used to announce personnel changes or major policy shifts, but before he left office, there was a congressional riot and major social media platforms blocked him one after another, and almost all of his accounts are now temporarily or permanently disabled.

But Jason Miller, who served as an advisor to the Trump campaign, said on the 21st that after being blocked by Twitter and other social media, Trump will return to social media in about 2 to 3 months, Miller said Trump will use “his own platform” and said it will be a large new platform, estimated to attract It is estimated to attract tens of millions of users. Miller also said that this will completely redefine the game, and said that everyone will be watching.