French variant of the virus can avoid nucleic acid detection, infected with eight people all dead

The emergence of a new variant of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) was confirmed last week in Brittany, northwest France. After preliminary analysis, the Variant virus seems to be able to evade the usual PCR nucleic acid detection, and the latest news is that all eight infected people have died, initially indicating that the virus strain is more infectious than other variant strains around the world, and also more deadly than originally expected!

According to the French newspaper Ladepeche, on March 13, a hospital in the local coastal city of Lannion found 79 cases of COVID-19 virus infection, including eight cases with the virus variant, of these eight cases, seven patients originally passed the nucleic acid test successfully and were found to be negative. Eventually, researchers discovered the new variant by testing blood samples and respiratory tissues of the infected patients

The scientists named the French variant of the virus “le variant breton”. Brittany has always been one of the regions of France with the fewest confirmed cases of martial lung, and after the discovery of the “Brittany variant”, speculation began that the low number of confirmed cases in the region might be related to the new variant’s ability to evade nucleic acid testing.

Preliminary findings by experts suggest that the “le variant breton” strain is more virulent or contagious than other variants that have been previously identified around the world.

Scientists are currently conducting further risk studies on this new variant strain to verify the strain’s response to developed vaccines and antibodies in people who have been infected with the virus.