a hundred flowers in the bush, not a single leaf on the body

My friend took me to see a collector’s collection, and it was said that his collection was top-notch, and any one of them was worth more than ten million dollars.

We walked through an alley and came to a nondescript apartment, and I wondered how the top antiques could be collected in such a place.

The collector came to open the door and opened three stainless steel doors in a row before entering the house. The light inside was very dim, and I waited for a few seconds to get used to the light inside. It was then that I saw the whole house piled with antiques, so many that I had to walk carefully and turn sideways to move forward.

There were ceramics, bronze, pewter, and so many scrolls of paintings and calligraphy crowded into large vats. The owner had a hard Time leading us to the sofa, which was also buried in the pile of antiques, and after some sorting, we were able to sit down.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling that the antiques were overcrowded, making it seem as if one was in a garbage pile. It occurred to me that you can’t have too much of anything, and when it gets to the point of “too”, it’s scary.

We all like butterflies, but if the house is full of butterflies, it is not beautiful, and then the thought of butterflies will give birth to a house full of caterpillars, how terrible. We all like birds, but too many birds, but also will hurt people, Hitchcock’s masterpiece “birds”, the horror of the scene to think of sweat to stand up.

While out of my mind, the host brought out a plate, but instead of tea or coffee, the plate contained a plate of jade. Because my friend bragged to the owner that I was a connoisseur, and although I denied it strenuously, the owner just took me for modesty and couldn’t wait to give me an “appreciation” of his collection.

Since this is the case, I had to appreciate one by one, and strongly praised, in saying a tea-colored jade, I thought to myself: why is not the tea out of the end?

After looking at the jade, we moved to the master’s bedroom to see the pottery and bronze, I realized that there was only one bed in the master’s bedroom to accommodate, and the rest was piled up densely from the ground to the roof.

Although it is said that these bronze are more than ten million dollars, piled together but do not feel its value. Later, I looked at several rooms, still the same, the most surprising thing is that even the kitchen and toilet are piled with antiques, the owner’s Home has not opened for a long time.

The owner of the antiques told me that the reason why he chose to live in the ugly alley was because he was afraid of attracting the covetousness of criminals.

And he set up so many iron gates with various security features that the general public could not even get a glimpse of his antiques by peeking through the door.

Friends added: “He loves antiques into obsession, his wife and children can not stand, immigrated abroad.”

The owner of the antiques said, “What do women and children know?”

I said to him, “Your antiques are so valuable and there are so many of them, why not sell a few and buy a big display space so that more people can appreciate them? That way, the house won’t even have a place to sit!”

He said, “I don’t want to sell any of the good antiques.”

He said, “And what do the common people know about antiques?”

When I came out, I felt some sadness. No matter how great the antiques are, they are just “objects”, how can they compare to a sentient being? Besides, in order to take possession of antiques, live in fear, like a prisoner trapped in a cell with several iron doors, like a beggar living in the garbage, and why suffer?

Besides, people will leave the world, just like the former owner of the antiques in his hands, there will be a moment, will be put in both hands, can not take away a piece. A true connoisseur of antiques does not have to be a collector; occasionally to appreciate antiques, take a walk to the Palace Museum and spend a few dozen dollars on tickets to see the real rare antiques. Tired, spend a few dozen dollars to drink oolong tea specially selected by the National Palace in Sanxi Tang, Life is not very pleasant? Back home, the windows are clear, and do not need three iron gates to defend, and do not need to compete with the relentless things for position, service and not service to things, not also happy!

Our life is so short, if we have something to do, we will have something to worry about; if we have something to cling to, we will have something to bind; if we have something to gain, we will have something to lose.

If we spend our time in possessions, we have no time to spend in our hearts.

If we run for our desires day and night, we will lose our health.

If we become pot-obsessed, stone-obsessed, jade-obsessed, or antique-obsessed, we will forget the preciousness of the sentient world.

How much is a good meal, a cup of tea, a day of joy and happiness, a night of peaceful sleep and no Dreams worth?

“A hundred flowers, a leaf does not touch the body.” That kind of life is the life we aspire to, a hundred flowers is “sentience”, a leaf is “enlightenment”.

Misunderstanding and appreciation, criticism and praise, are like the smoke and rain of Mount Lu and Zhejiang tides, the original nothing.

The best spring tea last spring, put into this year also to lose flavor, so this year to drink this year’s spring tea.

Year after year, the spring tea is good, and this rough ceramic tea cup in front of me is also very good, antiques, antiques, diamonds, pearls, and even all the back, leave it to those who are willing to carry it.