The United States and Japan Diaoyu Islands joint military exercises are expected to be held within the year Japanese media: the threat of increased military spending by the Chinese Communist Party

The U.S. and Japan are planning to hold military exercises to demonstrate their strength to the Chinese Communist Party.

After the U.S.-Japan “2+2” talks, the two countries are discussing holding large-scale joint military exercises for the defense of the Diaoyu Islands (known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan) as soon as this year. (By Chen Junhao)

The Nikkei reports that after the implementation of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Marine Police Law,” Chinese maritime police vessels have repeatedly sailed in the waters opposite Japan’s “territorial waters,” carrying weapons that appear to be machine guns. The report cited The Japanese government’s concern that the CCP is attempting to unilaterally change the status quo in the East China Sea.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi stressed on Japan’s BS Fuji TV program last Thursday (19) that in order to protect the “territory” of the “Senkaku Islands” (i.e., the Diaoyu Islands), it is necessary to conduct joint military exercises with the U.S. military to show strength to China.

The Chinese Communist Party’s defense budget increased by 6.8 percent this year compared to the previous year, continuing to maintain high growth, and has increased 2.3 times in the 10 years since 2011.

The report said that Nobuo Kishi and U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin held talks earlier, both believe that the gap between the military power of the Chinese Communist Party and Taiwan is widening year after year, concerned that the Chinese Communist Party will clash with Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait and near the Diaoyu Islands.