The man who can do this besides have sex is the one who really loves you!

Being favored is always emboldened.

Paying love is always careful.

Two people getting along.

Everyone wants to know.

their own place in the other person’s heart.

Whether it matters or not.

Besides having sex, the man who can do it.

Must really love you!

  1. Don’t mind if you touch his phone.

Now this society.

We’re spending more and more time on our phones.

Communicating by cell phone.

Working via cell phone.

Entertainment via cell phone.

Some men, you touch his phone.

He’ll turn against you.

If he really loved you, he would trust you.

I can lend you my phone.

Answering the phone won’t be far from you.

WeChat won’t turn away.

There is no one else in mind, no need to hide from you.

No ambiguous messages, no need to put you on guard.

02, do not refuse to introduce you to family and friends.

The man who loves you.

What I want to give you is the future.

Would love for you to learn about his world.

including his childhood experiences.

Including the friends and family he cares most about.

All want you to know.

Love you.

Will share his daily life with you.

Embarrassing things, happy things and sad things.

Friends, classmates and family.

Everything, everything, wants you to know.

If it were possible, I’d hate to see you involved in his past!

(a) To love someone and to hate them when they meet.

If you don’t love it, always refuse to dress it up!

  1. don’t resent you mentioning money to him.

Some men.

You fell out with him early.

Call you mercenary, call you materialistic.

You can’t afford to spend what you earn.

Even if you’re in trouble, it may not help you.

Is this a sign of love?

Really love each other.

It’s for a lifetime of walking.

First will trust you and your character.

Trust in your word.

Be willing to put your money at your disposal.

And I’d like to share your future with you.

Work hard to create your little home.

Be proactive in order to create a happy life.

Ask yourself.

Does he love you with the one you’re with?

Love you.

To make you laugh, to make you joyful, to make you confident.

No love for you.

It makes you hurt, it makes you cry, it makes you bitter and hard to talk about.

For the rest of your life.

May you meet someone who understands you.

Promising you an eternity that will be fulfilled.

The affection and affection told to you is not false.

Stay with you through all seasons, no change!