Japan’s Defense Ministry confirmed for the first time that China’s Type 055 destroyer sailed to the Sea of Japan

From Tokyo news, Japan’s Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Unity and Shogunate said in a March 19 release that a total of three ships, including the Chinese Navy Type 055 guided missile destroyer, were spotted sailing from Tsushima Strait to the Sea of Japan. Type 055 guided missile destroyer is the largest destroyer in the Chinese Navy, and this is the first Time the Maritime Self-Defense Force has confirmed its activities in Japan’s offshore waters. The Chinese ships did not enter Japan’s territorial waters and did not take dangerous actions against the Maritime Self-Defense Force ships and aircraft.

According to Kyodo News, Japan and the United States held a “2+2” meeting of the Consultative Committee on Security in Tokyo on the 16th, and expressed their common concerns about the changing situation in the East China Sea and South China Sea. On this latest news, the Ministry of Defense is analyzing in detail the intention of the Chinese side to have large ships sailing near Japan at this time.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense Toshimaku, around 11:00 a.m. local time on the 18th, about 250 kilometers southwest of Tsushima City in Nagasaki Prefecture, the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s multipurpose support ship Amakusa, missile boat White Eagle and P-1 patrol aircraft spotted the Chinese The three ships, including the 055 guided-missile destroyer, were spotted by the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF). After that, the three ships sailed from Tsushima Strait into the Sea of Japan.

The three Chinese naval vessels are the largest Type 055 guided missile destroyer Nanchang, Type 052D guided missile destroyer Chengdu and Type 054A guided missile frigate Daqing, which are over 10,000 tons. It is understood that China’s first Type 055 guided missile destroyer will enter service in January 2020. It is said to be equipped with a missile vertical launch system that can launch long-range ground-range cruise missiles and supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles.

According to Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” citing the Ministry of Unification, this is the first time that the Maritime Self-Defense Force has spotted the largest tonnage of Type 055 missile destroyer of the Chinese Navy destroyer in the sea off Japan.