56-year-old actor and father both died within four days Details revealed

According to foreign media reports, South African superstar Menzi Ngubane died at the age of fifty-six after a long illness. Ngubane’s death comes just a few days after his father’s unbearable death, which is saddening.

Ngubane, 56, was a household name in South African cinema, first becoming famous in the series “Generations” and later in the films “Return of the Ashes”, “Skull Country”, “Gold Digger”, “Hester” and the TV series “Ishbaya”, which were well received by audiences.

The film “How to Steal Two Million” starring N’Goubani generated a lot of buzz and was nominated for the 2012 African Film Academy Award.

According to the information, Ngubani’s last movie, “Red Freight”, was shot in 2020, during which he announced to join the fifth season of the American drama “Queen of the South”, but Ngubani was so sick that he had to choose to fade out of the acting world to take care of his health.

According to his Family, Ngubani had been ill for ten years and was hospitalized in 2012 due to organ failure and received a kidney transplant two years later.

Before his death, N’Gubani was very thin, in contrast to his previous robust image.

N’Goubani’s death shocked the African show business community, with friends sending messages of condolence, paying tribute to N’Goubani and considering him a legendary African actor. Nkubani worked with Hollywood superstar Samuel L. Jackson during his lifetime, and the two had a close personal relationship, and earlier in the year they spoke on the phone, planning to work together on a new movie.

N’Gubani and his wife had been dating for many years and only got married in 2018, and their daughter was still very young, so the sudden death completely shattered the otherwise beautiful family.

It is regrettable that Ngubane’s father, UBaba Ngubane (uBaba Ngubane), died four days after his son’s death (March 16), inevitably evoking the grief of his family.

It is understood that Ngubani’s mother died a few years ago, the father and Ngubani live together, Ngubani and his wife have two daughters, the wife and daughters have accepted the fact that they died, cheer up and secretly organize funeral and memorial services.

In fact, the entertainment industry, father and son (mother and son) both died of tragedy repeatedly, South Korean harmonic star Park Ji-seon last year was found with his mother died at Home; Japanese media actor Miura Haruma last year after the suicide, the father also passed away six months later.

For the relatively poor entertainment resources of Africa, Ngubani’s death is considered “a giant fell”, triggering strong resonance among netizens.