Guest audience pretending to be funny? Popular variety show has teleprompter to stir up controversy

On March 15, some netizens found that a recent hit talk show type variety show actually has a teleprompter, which has led to much controversy

In the exposed footage of the show, you can see that the stand-up comedian is directly across from a large electronic screen, which is filled with lines, even “okay” and “I’m not going to say much more” such a casual phrase to help the words are there, the guests do not need to memorize the script. Just follow the screen on stage and read it.

And such a large teleprompter, also placed in the center, the audience and other guests sitting on stage can certainly see the lines in advance, but in the performers spit, they also followed at a certain point in Time to put on a very surprised expression applause, and praise the performers great, there are suspicions of acting.

Many netizens previously thought that the guests were improvising, and the issue broadcast on March 14 was also sealed because the trolling was so wonderful, but I did not expect it to be a script written in advance.

Netizens have left messages in the comment section saying that this kind of is full acting fake to cheat the audience, right?

But some people feel that although there is a teleprompter, but the important thing about stand-up comedy is the rhythm and sense of humor, this kind of is dependent on the guests themselves to play.

Then a netizen picked up that the producer of this variety show has actually spoken about the teleprompter for a long time, saying that stand-up comedy is not improvisation, and using a teleprompter is not about artists not trying hard enough to memorize their scripts, but hoping that the performers can find the baggage points more precisely to get the best comedy effect.

The contestant Chi Zi in the first season has also directly pulled out the teleprompter flirtation, said even professional host Li Chen have to take the hand card to read, “I see the teleprompter how?”

In the deleted clip exposed online, Xue Zhiqian had also directly pointed out the existence of a teleprompter on stage, shouting for the teacher responsible for the teleprompter to convert the format.