Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin go out to enjoy the world of two people after being accused of 9 years of marriage hand in hand show love

In the past two years, Zhu Yin has spent less Time on the mainland compared to her girlfriends Hong Xin and Cai Shaofen. The reason for this is not only to take care of her husband Huang Guanzhong’s emotions, but also because her daughter Huang Ying is growing up and Zhu Yin does not want to miss every moment of her growth, so she stays in Hong Kong for a long time.

Recently, the couple transformed into KOLs, and in addition to showing their love online, they also shared how to get along as a couple. Although Huang Guanzhong is known as a “wife lover”, since he has a daughter, he inevitably shares more love with her and neglects Zhu Yin’s feelings, causing her to complain about Huang’s “favoritism”.

Although he didn’t explain anything, he kept this comment in his mind and recently, his daughter Huang Ying returned to school. He seized the opportunity to enjoy the world with his wife Zhu Yin.

On March 18, according to Hong Kong media sources, a few days ago, at 5 pm, Huang Guanzhong first went to an electrical store with his male assistant to buy electrical appliances, during which he mainly looked at some digital products, thinking that he was preparing for his full-scale entry into KOL. After paying the money, Wong went upstairs alone, and without a moment’s effort, his wife Zhu Yin appeared in the camera, so the shopping trip was a couple’s trip.

The two would get together and then Huang Guanzhong would get close to his wife and start giving advice, and it turned out that Zhu Yin was trying on new clothes in the store. The two of them are really sweet in love, and they are “old married”, but Huang Guanzhong can’t help but praise Zhu Yin for how she dresses.

After Zhu Yin was free from “worries”, she tried on nearly 4 sets of clothes in a row, during which she consulted the sales clerk and her husband Huang Guanzhong in addition to looking in the mirror. After looking at them, Zhu Yin turned to look at the summer clothes, and when she was done, she changed into her own “equipment”. When she left, Huang Guanzhong took the initiative to carry the “loot”, and looked like she had only bought a few simple dresses.

Although the shopping is not very “satisfactory”, but the sweetness between Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin is enviable, the two married in 12 years, now has 9 years, is considered “old married couple”, the age of the couple should have gone their own way, but the two are The two of them are holding hands, and along the way Huang Guanzhong keeps smiling sweetly, so I think Zhu Yin has said something to make him happy.

In fact, Huang Guanzhong, as a member of the super band Beyond, is a very strong Gold digger, but after the death of Huang Ka Kui, he and Huang Jiaqiang indirectly fell out, resulting in a combination of slim chances, wealth is naturally broken.

The most obvious advantage of Huang Guanzhong is that he is married to Zhu Yin, a virtuous and wealthy wife, after all, Huang just sold a mansion, netting more than 15 million, so comprehensively, the two have their own advantages, but with the current environment, or Huang Guanzhong is the most popular.