The U.S. and China have a heated exchange of words, and Zhang Jiadun: Communist China is inherently incompatible with stability.

China expert Gordon G. Chang tweeted Friday (March 19) that the first U.S.-China meeting in Alaska illustrates that the Chinese Communist Party is inherently incompatible with stability.

“The Chinese did not come to Alaska to talk to the Biden administration. They are here to give orders. Those arrogant and insecure leaders of the Chinese [Communist Party] are the most dangerous.” Zhang Jiadun wrote.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with top Chinese Communist Party diplomat Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday and Friday (March 18-19).

The two sides engaged in an unusual war of words as they were photographed by the media before the first substantive meeting began. What was originally a two-minute opening statement for each side was turned into more than an hour by the Chinese representative’s overtime; the Chinese representative’s unreasonableness and bullying shocked his American counterpart.

Zhang Jiadun said that as long as the Chinese Communist Party continues to rule China, there will be no peace in the world.

“If the Communist Party continues to rule China, can there be peace in the world? Unfortunately, the answer is no. An insecure, militant ruling group, driven by an ideology that demands everyone submit to it, is inherently incompatible with stability.” He said.

“In the past, Chinese [Communist Party] diplomats were cunning and pretended to be friendly and responsible. Now, they are incredibly arrogant. Yang Jiechi just took off his mask in Alaska and showed Beijing‘s real ugly face.” He added.

In his opening remarks in Alaska, Yang Jiechi said that no one can strangle China (the Chinese Communist Party). Zhang replied, “Actually there is, and as Beijing’s behavior becomes more and more dangerous, leaving the world no choice, (the world will) have no choice but to do so.”

He also called on the Biden Administration to rebuild U.S. deterrence.

“The (Biden administration’s) downward spiral against the Chinese Communist Party has failed.” He wrote, “Biden’s most urgent task is to rebuild deterrence.”

Secretary of State Blinken had just completed a four-day trip to Japan and South Korea before the Alaska meeting, while releasing a statement on uniting allies and countering Chinese Communist provocations.

Speaking about yesterday’s controversial U.S.-China meeting, President Biden told the media Friday, “I’m proud of the secretary of state.”

Trump adviser: China’s Communist Party wouldn’t dare say what it did to Trump yesterday

Jason Miller, a campaign adviser close to Trump, tweeted Friday, “China would never talk to President Trump (Trump) the way they talked to Gov. Biden yesterday.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also appeared to comment on the first U.S.-China meeting in Alaska on Friday, writing, “Strength is what holds back the bad guys, weakness only invites war.”

In an interview with Newsmax News on Thursday (18), Pompeo also cautioned about the meeting, saying, “The reality is that their [the Chinese Communist Party’s] words don’t mean much …… (Biden’s) administration has to do is be tough and make China [the Chinese Communist Party] pay when it [the Communist Party] misbehaves real price and ensure that U.S. freedom and security are at the forefront of every element of policy toward China.”

Sima Jordan, an analyst with the Rhodium Group, a U.S. economic research firm, questioned Thursday night that Chinese Communist Party officials were largely tight-lipped when they approached the Trump Administration, but in their first interaction with Biden – which was expected to be a decent image – turned into a heavily armed war effort. -turned into heavily armed war wolves hoping to please President Xi.

The Wall Street Journal’s reporter Wei Lingling promptly corrected this claim. She wrote that Yang Jiechi did not tighten his tongue in his dealings with Trump, and that during his first visit to New York to meet with Trump’s team, he intended to draw a line in the sand with the United States on Taiwan.

Before the U.S.-China meeting in Alaska, Trump had told his advisors around him that he would never agree to go to Alaska and would definitely let the Chinese Communist Party come to Washington DC for the meeting because going there would already mean being deferential and compromising to the Chinese side.

So far, the Chinese Communist Party’s domestic media has made a big deal of Yang’s high-profile choking speech, and the Biden administration has yet to respond more to it.