China-US Alaska talks break down Scholar Shen Rongqin breaks: Xi Jinping is testing the United States

The first meeting between China and the United States took place in Anchorage, Alaska, but the atmosphere was tense, with both China and the United States not giving in to each other and the battle raging from inside to outside the venue. In response to this incident, Shen Rongqin, an associate professor at York University in Canada, said in a Facebook post that Yang Jiechi pretended to be surprised at the U.S.-China talks and said to Blinken, “We thought you would observe basic diplomatic etiquette,” lashing out at the U.S. for its rudeness. The meeting is likely to be a test of Xi Jinping‘s attitude toward the Biden administration.

Shen Rongqin pointed out that the rudeness of Chinese diplomats is not only known around the world, but last year Chinese diplomats even broke into the Taiwan diplomatic mission in Palau and openly beat people at a reception. At a press conference after the annual meeting of Chinese and Canadian foreign ministers in 2016, a Canadian journalist quoted the disappearance of a Hong Kong bookseller and asked the Canadian foreign minister, in light of China’s human rights problems, “Why should Canada maintain closer ties with China? relationship with China? How can we use that relationship to push China to improve human rights?” Wang Yi was furious, and even though he wasn’t asked, he still couldn’t help but jump out and point his finger at the reporter and say, “Your question is full of bias against China and so-called arrogance from nowhere, which is totally unacceptable to me.” Then instead of answering the reporter’s question, he asked the reporter in return, “Have you ever been to China?” “Do you know that China has included the protection of human rights in its constitution?” The response was so jaw-dropping that even Canada’s traditionally pro-China Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to step in and say that Wang Yi’s treatment of Canadian journalists was an infringement on press freedom and totally unacceptable.

Shen Rongqin said that while the U.S. and China are holding talks again after 247 days of suspension, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, who were arrested by Chinese hostage diplomacy, will also be tried by a Chinese court 15 months after they were arrested, but the Chinese Communist Party informed the Canadian government that it was forbidden to be present and that the Chinese Communist Party would conduct the trial alone, and that during the U.S.-China talks, Yang Jiechi gave a 16-minute lecture to The U.S. side lectured for 16 minutes, and Blinken’s response, though, was brilliant: “I know we in the United States are imperfect, we make mistakes, we suffer setbacks, we regress, but what we have done in history is to face these challenges with honesty, openness, and transparency, not to ignore these mistakes, not to pretend they don’t exist, or to hide these shortcomings. Going through these adversities has been painful and sometimes embarrassing at times, but with each experience, we have become stronger, better and more united as a nation.”

Shen Rongqin stressed that to focus on these elements alone would be to miss the focus of the dialogue. From Yang Jiechi’s lecture to the refusal to allow Canadians to attend the trial, it was a 2.0 version of Obama’s Hangzhou airport humiliation. For the United States to still be easing up for the CCP, as Obama did after the humiliation, by saying that sometimes other heads of state are treated similarly, would only give the CCP an inch. It is difficult for Westerners, even China experts, to truly understand the cunningness of the Chinese and why someone as rude and uncivilized as Trump gets China’s The Chinese are not really understanding how a rude and uncivilized man like Trump can be treated by China. Xi Jinping’s move this Time is the biggest test for the Biden Administration, and the way Biden responds will determine the tone of the CCP’s approach to the U.S. government in the next four years.

Shen Rongqin believes that the U.S.-China talks are Xi’s biggest test of the Biden administration.