Hong Kong people, want to be patriotic are you worthy?

The “two sessions” are over, do you care much? Do most people care? No. Are people politically apathetic? Maybe, but perhaps the majority of people are thinking: it’s so big, it decides everything, so what’s the fun in it?

Watching political programs, some people say that this Time “no more drama”, that is, it is clear to rule Hong Kong directly. In fact, no, it is still acting, the dictator will also evolve, the previous performance is “window dressing”, occasionally let you have a small fights of no harm; I did not expect you people think that the fake play can be real, then you can not let you, the actors are removed, replaced by puppets, the so-called “puppet show “also. The most shameless, is the play list of the play is still the same, the propaganda is still the same. He knows he can not fool people, but in order to fool himself, the play still has to play on.

How to define patriotism? Listen to the party, eat the party’s Food, follow the party, is patriotic? Oh, no, he said you are patriotic, you are patriotic, otherwise you do not even have the qualification of patriotism! Who defines “patriotic”? It’s up to him to form a “committee” to determine if you are patriotic. If you are not patriotic, you will be DQ’d. Want to “serve the people”? No, you are not patriotic enough. This reminds us of the time of the Cultural Revolution, when hot-blooded teenagers wanted to be Red Guards to defend Chairman Mao – no, your grandfather was a rich peasant, your father was a civil servant, your mother was a petty bourgeois, your uncle was a reactionary intellectual, and your uncle was a soldier, an executioner stained with people’s blood! You want to be a Red Guard? You want to be patriotic? No way! Your composition is too bad, you need to be re-educated and rehabilitated by the people’s ideology!

Wait, the “committee” will decide whether you are patriotic or not, but who will decide whether the committee members are patriotic or not? Great! You dare to chime in with the Western media and directly challenge the core values of the Party! People like you are unpatriotic! You don’t deserve to ask this question, so go ahead and DQ him!

Oh, so this is how the logic cycle comes, well, respectful compatriots in Hong Kong, sincere advice to all of you, he still want to play, but you do not play, or bored to go back to make money to get rich, you just sing “let the glory of Hong Kong”, probably you have been found “unpatriotic “. What the Legislative Council, District Council, let them go to the election, a democratic drama, he wants to play, there are always people to vote to become. He can not let you vote, what do you have? You can not vote, so that this fake show in front of the world for people to laugh. The “two sessions” in the opposition to zero votes, one abstention, really democratic! Hong Kong compatriots at least have the freedom to “not vote”, not bad!

What? What? There are still people who don’t give up? Well, I would like to offer my advice here, suggesting the “pan-democratic camp” to change its name to “Patriot Alliance”, right? This is the same as the outside party magazines in Taiwan forty years ago, the purpose of its publication has always been “to promote the patriotic spirit, to promote the morale of the people”. Would you like to test it out and show that you “listen to the Party, eat the Party’s food, and follow the Party”? The name has been changed to “Patriot League”, how can you be unpatriotic?

Of course, you don’t need to be reminded of this, just take a look at yourself, do you have any lines on your hands and feet? You want to be patriotic, are you worthy?