Virginia Governor Northam follows Cuomo’s lead, hides outbreak data, called to step down

The National Archives reports that the governor of Virginia has also done the same scandalous thing Governor Cuomo did with Ralph Northam, a Democrat governor who made immediate national headlines two years ago when he made comments about post-birth abortions and admitted to wearing a KKK robe and black mask in the medical school’s 1984 yearbook. Now Jarome Bell, a candidate running for U.S. House of Delegates in Virginia, is publicly calling for the governor’s arrest.

Bell shared an article about the Northam nursing Home scandal and declared, “Northam, like Cuomo, needs to resign, be arrested, and face murder charges.”

The article was written by Virginia Rising Action, a group that specializes in monitoring leftist politicians and groups that have been concerned about Governor Northam’s blatant mismanagement of the Communist virus Epidemic, explaining in the article that “Governor Northam is joining New York Governor Cuomo and Michigan Governor Whitmer in facing a nursing home scandal.”

Virginia Rising Action revealed that the governor and members of his administration had been telling the people of Virginia last April that they could not release the names of nursing homes infected with the CCP virus, and then the death toll from the CCP virus kept climbing and the nursing homes kept begging the governor for personal protective equipment and testing kits. After three months of pressure from citizens and health care workers, in July Governor Northam apparently woke up from his confused coma and released the data.

From the disclosed data one learned that Virginia has the second highest C.C.V. nursing home death rate in the country, far surpassing New York State and Michigan. The Northam administration tested twice as many inmates for the virus as nursing home patients, and more than 80 percent of Virginia’s prison inmates, or 21,671 people, were tested for the CCP virus, while only 10,080 people were tested in nursing homes. Yet, nursing home patients accounted for 60 percent of all CCP deaths in Virginia.

The National Archives reports that the CCP virus has been shown to be an extremely survivable virus and that the elderly are the population most likely to suffer serious and fatal complications. It is now known that governors in almost every Democratic state put otherwise healthy young people and elderly patients in the same nursing home facility, sometimes in the same room, and it is official policy.

Why do governors care more about the health of the criminals than they do about the most vulnerable? Why does our governor choose to keep all Virginians ignorant of matters related to the CCP virus, except for his hand-picked administration? Why is he not sharing the recovery from the CCP virus with Virginians and state and local leaders?

Mr. Bell, a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and considered by many to be the epitome of America’s First Conservative, announced in January of this year in an exclusive interview with the editor-in-chief of the National Archives that he would run for the Virginia U.S. House of Delegates in 2022.

Bell ran for the same seat in 2020 and did well in the Republican primary, but lost the nomination to establishment-backed former Rep. Taylor, who was then defeated a second Time by Democratic incumbent Luria.

Bell said, “”I wasn’t going to run, but then I saw what they did to President Trump. I saw the most powerful office in the world, the president of the United States, go silent. I saw Trump silenced by the Democrats, I saw Trump silenced by Big Tech …… And then I see the establishment, continuing to stab President Trump in the back, just like they’ve been doing for the last four years.”

Bell said he will go head-to-head with the radical left and the establishment to fight for the American people and bring grassroots opinion directly to Washington.