Lanzhou three bubble table, people leave tea is not cold

The other day at my girlfriend’s house for dinner, we talked about Lanzhou specialties, my girlfriend’s husband said: beef noodles ah potatoes ah said too much, how do you not write about Lanzhou’s three bubble table.

A word to wake up the dreamer, such a good bowl of tea, drinking for so many years, the accompanying gift is always it, but I ignored it like air. I really should not. Girlfriend’s husband obsessed with this bowl of tea, not only drink it themselves, but also study a variety of brands, a variety of ingredients taste, froze their own drink into an expert, our circle of friends to drink is he picked out the best recommended, and now he also opened a three bubble Taiwan Taobao store, he said he wanted more people in the field to drink three bubble Taiwan, like returning to Lanzhou back Home. Because this bowl of tea is very fragrant, very warm.

Three bubble table, also known as the cover bowl, folk called cup, this bowl of tea is very elaborate, it has its own special tea drinking vessels cover bowl sub, is a cool appearance of the Beijing Temple of Heaven tea set, by the tea cover, tea bowl, tea tray composed of three parts, on the cover, under the tray, the water bowl mouth large bottom small, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite and small, quite a royal style.

Lanzhou people used to say “scrape a bowl”, that is because drinking this bowl of tea posture is very delicate, in drinking, must be held in one hand in the bottom of the cover bowl, the other lifting the bowl cover, the tea bowl In the floating material gently scratch the opposite direction of the mouth, decanted tea Soup can be unobstructed entrance, when the tea fragrance mixed with more fragrance, from the lips and teeth slowly wander to the mouth, penetrate in every taste buds, the whole taste system will be happy to dance, because that taste is too good, even the language system will be unconsciously issued a satisfied exclamation, so that scraping bowl in the hearts of Lanzhou people That is the beautiful invitation to relax, chat and make noise off. In the summer in the Yellow River tea garden, the shade of the five springs mountain, the three pavilions of the farmhouse, a small table, a few Mazhazi, or three or five confidants, or friends and Family, or two lovers, or grandchildren, playing a small card, blowing a small wind, chatting about the small days, stoned melon seeds, and then one person scraping a bowl, the bowl of rich dry ingredients drink into the water full of Food, and then eaten as snacks one by one, can be said to be very pleasant hours Light up.

Can use the bowl of tea, indicating that the amount of material is sufficient, is never a matter of a few pieces of tea leaves. Three bubble table in addition to the main ingredient tea, will be accompanied by Lanzhou bitter water rose, good chrysanthemum, jasmine buds, Gansu Zhengning package of core apricot, Fujian cinnamon, Xinjiang raisins, Gansu Linze jujube, Ningxia wolfberry, dried hawthorn, high-quality rock sugar and other materials, the content is quite rich, simply collect all the good things suitable for water, feel that you can summon the Dragon.

Tear open a bag of three bubble table, first put the independently packaged sachets of tea, and then crushed cinnamon shells, after all the dry ingredients into the bowl, rushed into the boiling water, so your bowl will see everything awaken: materials in the light weight will lie comfortably on the surface of the water, a heavy brain sunk to the bottom of the bowl, in the hot water bubble nourished, the tender green tea leaves slowly stretching, slowly landing; dried flowers are stretched out one by one, the Shake bloom; red dates, raisins, cinnamon, packaged apricots also began to round up, small head of wolfberry suddenly scurrying around …… red, yellow, green, white, so lively, wisps of smoke like rising heat, with a fragrant fragrance, refreshing. Scrape on a bite, the tea of the clear, dry material fragrance, icing sugar sweet has long been a good blend together, and good to drink and health. When I was a child drinking three bubble table, we always patience, waiting for a bubble and a bubble, the adults in the bowl of the package of core apricot ah cinnamon ah raisins what to fish out and eat, feel with a few bowls of tea soaked nourishing out of the fruit, will be particularly sweet and delicious.

This bowl of tea, very much like Lanzhou people’s warm and direct character, the good things are put in the bowl, they drink well, and do not begrudge sharing others. As long as it is to temper, hate to give you the best things. So Lanzhou this bowl of three bubble table, is the kind of tea will not be cold when people go, get together, about an afternoon tea, a person scraping a bowl, laughing and smiling; every Time you go out, will give the luggage stuffed with a few as a companion gift to friends who are about to reunite; long time no see, thousands of miles apart miss up, will also mail some, and in the heart silently entrusted this small bag of three bubble table: to bring that person warmth and Happiness Oh, tell him someone is thinking of him bless him, to live a very good Oh!

If you have friends in Lanzhou, when you receive his gift of three bubbles, he is imagining this wonderful feeling, and also let you feel it. May you have mountains to rely on and trees to roost in your Life. Enjoy flowers in spring, cool off in summer, hike in autumn, and sweep snow in winter with your beloved one. To drink a bowl of tea, see each other not tired.