Sichuan female cadres “leopard girl wolf” aroused debate netizens: go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Recently, a cadre posting notice issued by Guangyuan City Commerce Bureau in Sichuan Province has triggered hot discussions among netizens, in which the name of a deputy director of the office of the party committee of the organ not only has a rare surname, but also contains two fierce animal names: “leopard” and “wolf”. Some netizens tease: “can serve as the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the wolves have to be subservient.”

On March 10, Sichuan Guangyuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce released a personnel appointment: Ren Huadong was appointed as the director of the office of the Party Committee of the organ (probationary period of one year); and the leopard woman wolf was appointed as the deputy director of the office (probationary period of one year).

The original normal personnel appointment received attention because of the name “Leopard Woman Wolf”. In the following days, the appointment notice was often seen in the circle of friends, and everyone was attracted by the name without exception, and some even searched for a photo of the leopard girl wolf online.

The New Times reported that the name of “Leopard Wolf” also appeared on a logistics website in Sichuan province in 2018, when her position was “staff member of the district business bureau”.

The investigation found that the leopard surname (sound bào), the surname of multiple sources, the main source of Gao Xin (from the second generation of the ancient yellow emperor’s grandson of The Emperor Çi three sons of the descendants, belong to the name of the clan for the clan), Jiang (from the ancient period Chi You tribe of three Miao, belong to the name of the tribe for the clan), Ji (from the early dynasty of the Western Zhou Dynasty official position of leopard marquis, belong to the official title for the clan). In mainland China’s surname list is not into the top 1,000, the population is mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Hainan and other places.

Red Star News reported that according to Leopard Wolf, she is 29 years old and her hometown is Linfen, Shanxi Province, where they are the only Family with the surname Leopard. After graduating, Leopard Woman Wolf went to work in Guangyuan in 2017. She herself had thought about changing her name, but it was more troublesome, so she never changed her name.

After the leopard woman wolf resume was reported by the media, it sparked a hot debate online, and netizens said, “The first Time I heard of this surname.” “Is this a lack of animals in the five elements?” “I thought this was a screen name.”

“I’m afraid that since junior high school someone flirting or behind the joke, the name is a code, but at least it should be normal.”

“Please all kinds of metaphysical I Ching teachers to calculate, this leopard girl wolf can smoothly promoted to deputy director of the Commerce Bureau? But again, it makes me think of the end of the female auxiliary police.”

“This name is overbearing, can serve as the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the war wolves have to be willing to worship.”