In the field to work friends to remember this person

All of you who have left your hometowns and are working in foreign countries, I hope you will always remember this person and thank this person.

18 years ago today, Sun Zhigang, a 27-year-old college student who had just graduated two years ago, was taken to Huangcun Street Police Station on the streets of Guangzhou because he did not have a temporary residence permit.

March 18: sent to the Guangzhou internment and repatriation transit station by the police station

March 18: sent by the shelter to the Guangzhou sheltered person rescue station

March 20: the rescue station announced that the subject died

April 18: autopsy results show that the subject had been beaten 72 hours before his death

Sun Zhigang, male, 27 years old, just graduated from college two years ago.

At 10 p.m. on March 17, 2003, he went out to the Internet as usual. In the following three days, he experienced three places he had never been before: Guangzhou Huangcun Street Police Station, Guangzhou Internment and Deportation Transfer Station and Guangzhou Internment and Treatment Station.

On March 20, Sun died at the Guangzhou Internment and Treatment Station (the Jiangcun inpatient unit of Guangzhou Brain Hospital).

His body has not yet been cremated and is still in the funeral Home.

Sun Zhigang died.

He was first taken to the police station, then to the internment station, then to the internment rescue station, and then died

Sun Zhigang came to Guangzhou just over 20 days. 2001, he graduated from Wuhan Institute of Science and Technology, after working in a company in Shenzhen, more than 20 days ago, he was recruited to a clothing company in Guangzhou.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

At about 11:00 that night, Mr. Cheng (a pseudonym), who lives with him, received a call from a cell phone in which Sun Zhigang said he was taken to Huangcun Street Police Station because he did not have a temporary residence permit.

In a copy of the “City Shelter “Three No In a “registration form for the questioning of people”, Sun Zhigang was filled in this way: “I was shopping on Huangcun Street in Dongpu, and was interrogated by security officers and found to have no temporary residence permit, and then was brought to Huangcun Street Police Station. “

Sun Zhigang on the phone told Mr. Cheng to “bring his ID card and money “to bail him out, so Mr. Cheng and another colleague immediately rushed to the Huangcun Street police station, arriving close to 12 p.m.

For some now unknown reason, Mr. Cheng was told by the police that “Sun Zhigang had an ID card and could not be released on bail “. There, Mr. Cheng witnessed many people being bailed out one after another, but he approached two police officers in succession who, upon seeing Sun Zhigang, who was being questioned, said, “This person can’t “, but did not explain why.

Mr. Cheng said that one of the police officers also told him to read the relevant regulations, saying that they have the authority to shelter who.

Mr. Cheng was puzzled, so he called a local friend in Guangzhou, his friend told him that the reason why the police do not want to bail, there may be two situations, one is that Sun Zhigang “committed a crime “, the second is “backtalked”.

Mr. Cheng recalled that he later saw Sun Zhigang in an office window at the police station, so he secretly followed him and asked him “how he was arrested, there was no non-cooperation “, Sun replied that “did not do anything, just came out He was arrested”. Mr. Cheng said, “He (Sun Zhigang) admitted that he talked back to the police, but he thought what he said was not very serious The police then asked Sun Zhigang to write a document.

The police then told Sun to write up his documents, and Mr. Cheng and Sun never saw each other again.

The next day, another friend of Sun’s received a phone call from Sun from the shelter, and he recalled that Sun “stammered a bit and spoke very fast on the phone, feeling that he was very scared “. He then informed the boss of the company Sun worked for to go to the shelter guarantor. After that, one of Sun’s colleagues went once, but was told that the insured person procedures are not complete, after opening a variety of certificates, the boss of the company personally rushed to the Guangzhou City Shelter and Deportation Transfer Station, but the shelter then to close, the insured person will have to wait until the next day.

On March 19, Sun Zhigang’s friend called the station and found out that Sun Zhigang had been sent to the hospital (Guangzhou Internment and Treatment Station). On the care record, the hospital received it at 11:30 p.m. on the 18th.

Mr. Cheng said, at that Time they wanted to go to the hospital to see Sun Zhigang, and was told by the doctor can not see, and must be Sun Zhigang relatives to come to the insured.

At noon on the 20th, when Sun’s friends called again to inquire, the answer they received is still hard to believe: Sun Zhigang died, the cause of death was heart disease.

Nursing records show that when admitted to the hospital, Sun Zhigang “insomnia, panic, frequent urination, nausea and vomiting, consciousness, quiet performance “, after the time of hospitalization, Sun Zhigang almost always “sleep “, his face was pale, he did not speak or move, his breathing was weak, and his blood pressure could not be measured. “. Doctors at 10:15 to take injections of epinephrine and other treatments, 10 minutes later, announced the cessation of all treatment. Sun Zhigang finished his 27 years of Life.

The hospital told Sun’s friends to go to the funeral home and wait. It took another two hours after Sun’s friend arrived at the funeral home for the body to arrive.

The time of Sun’s death was listed in the nursing records as 10:25 p.m. on March 20, 2003.

Sun Zhigang was killed.

Autopsy results show that Sun Zhigang was severely beaten and eventually killed within a few days before his death

The hospital concluded in the nursing records that Sun died suddenly and that the cause of death was a cerebrovascular accident with a heart attack.

When the autopsy was commissioned to the medical examiner, the hospital’s statement was still “sudden death, cerebrovascular accident “. According to the doctor on duty on March 18, Sun Zhigang had said he had a history of heart disease when he was admitted to the hospital, according to which it was inferred that Sun Zhigang died of heart disease. However, this statement was refuted by Sun Zhigang’s Family and classmates, and Sun Zhigang’s father said that he never knew his son had heart disease.

Likewise, the results of the forensic autopsy overturned the hospital’s diagnosis. In the test Appraisal issued by the forensic identification center of Zhongshan Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University on April 18, it is clearly stated that “comprehensive analysis, Sun Zhigang is consistent with large soft tissue injury causing traumatic shock death “.

Although Sun’s body could not be seen on the surface of fatal injuries, but after cutting open the lumbar back, the forensic pathologist found that Sun Zhigang’s subcutaneous tissue appeared to be 3-5 cm thick bleeding, the scope of which was as large as 60 x 50 cm. Sun Zhigang was a height of one meter seventy-four, broad shoulders and back of a young man, such a large range of bleeding, meaning that his entire back is almost all bleeding area.

“Turn over the muscle, everywhere is a weight of blood clots “April 3, Zhongshan University Zhongshan Medical College Forensic Identification Center autopsy Sun Zhigang corpse, Sun Zhigang’s two uncles Sun Bingwu and Sun Haisong on the scene to witness the dissection process. “The tragedy is unbearable! ” said Sun Bingwu. “The body was not wearing clothes, so the injury was obvious. “

Sun Bingwu said he saw Sun Zhigang shoulders each have two round black marks about 1-5 cm in diameter, each knee, there are also five or six such black marks, these black marks are like “drops of black paint on a white wall That obvious”. Sun Bingwu said he heard a person who participated in the autopsy say “this must be the fire burn “.

Sun Bingwu said he saw a fist-sized mass of redness in Sun Zhigang’s left rib cage, and the back injury even took the doctor in charge of the autopsy “by surprise “, “from the shoulder to the hip, all dark red. There are many long stripes of injuries. The doctor cut the first knife from the back, as the scalpel cut, a black line appeared, cut the second knife, revealing a weight of black blood clots.

The forensic examination also proved that the other internal organs of the deceased did not show problems and “no lethal pathological changes were seen “.

The forensic autopsy results showed that the cause of Sun Zhigang’s death was a large internal injury to the back.

The “analysis note” on the identification letter “also pointed out that the surface of Sun’s body has multiple contusions, the back can clearly see the strip subcutaneous hemorrhage, in addition to the waist and back of the large area of hemorrhage, intercostal muscle can also see large area of hemorrhage.

“From large soft tissue injury to death, this process generally occurs within 72 hours. “A surgeon at the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital described. “Soft tissue injury leads to cellular necrosis and bleeding, which is invisible to the eye because the bleeding occurs in the body. the situation is serious and can lead to extensive intravascular fusion, a symptom also known as DIC. dic is the turning point in treatment, and once it occurs, the patient usually dies quickly and is extremely difficult to save. Therefore, similar treatments, early on, are based on hemostasis and anti-shock, with the aim of stopping the condition from entering the DIC stage, and without DIC, the patient has great hope of survival. “

On that day, the doctor on duty in the medical record “surgical condition The record in the “Surgical Condition” section of the medical record that day had only one word: “None “, “psychiatric examination The record in the “mental examination” column was “no obvious abnormalities The initial impression that Sun Zhigang was suffering from anxiety or heart disease.

For Sun Zhigang’s large dark red swelling on the back, suspicious black spots on both shoulders and both knees, as well as the obvious redness and swelling of the ribs, there is no record in the medical record. In the interview, the doctor on duty that night admitted that due to the darkness that night, no trauma was found in Sun Zhigang, and the next day, “because the patient was wearing clothes and did not actively say there was trauma “, still no serious trauma of Sun Zhigang was found.

“The so-called sleep (in the nursing records) is likely to be actually shock “, a surgeon at the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital: “due to internal bleeding and a drop in blood pressure, the patient will suffer from traumatic shock. This is one of the precursors to the onset of DIC symptoms, and resuscitation measures should be taken immediately. “

But on the nursing record, it is still only stated that “(patient) sleeps in this shift “.

According to the medical examiner, the heavy bleeding in Sun’s body was the result of a blow from a blunt object, and more than once. “One blow can not explain such a large area of bleeding “, said a forensic pathologist who did not want to be named after reading the autopsy results.

From the autopsy results, it is indisputable that Sun Zhigang was beaten within a few days before his death and eventually led to death.

What is more noteworthy is that Sun’s body surface injuries are not much, while the subcutaneous tissue has a large soft tissue trauma, the forensic pathologist told reporters that, in general, in winter wearing very thick clothes, if beaten, this will occur.

And March 17 to March 20, the relevant meteorological data show that the temperature in Guangzhou City between 16 ℃ -28 ℃, such weather, Sun certainly can not be “dressed like winter”.

The last three days of Sun Zhigang’s life at Huangcun Street Police Station, the internment station and the hospital seem far less peaceful than the various forms and records indicate.

Should Sun Zhigang be institutionalized?

There is a workplace, a normal residence, an ID card, only a temporary residence permit is missing

After receiving the materials provided by the family of the deceased, the reporter visited the three places where Sun Zhigang stayed three days before his death.

Huangcun Street Police Station refused to accept the interview, saying it must have the approval of the Branch Secretary Section. The reporter rushed to the Tianhe Branch and spoke on the phone with the comrade of the secretary section outside the branch, who said that the approval of the press section of the publicity department of the municipal public security bureau was necessary. The reporter then contacted the comrade from the press section and was told that he had to fax an outline of the interview first. The reporter then faxed the interview outline to the other party, but as of press time, no reply had been received.

A deputy director of the Guangzhou Transfer Station also said that he could not accept interviews without the approval of higher authorities. The reporter then went to the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau’s Affairs Division, where the director, Xie Zhitang, received the reporter.

Xie Zhitang said he was aware of the death of Sun Zhigang. “The staff of the shelter are public officials, beating people is subject to dismissal, and the shelter has surveillance video “, Xie Zhitang said, Sun why he was beaten is not clear, but definitely not in the shelter was beaten. After finding out that Sun was unwell, they immediately took Sun to the hospital.

“I have ninety-nine point eight percent certainty can guarantee that there is no beating in the shelter “, Xie Zhitang said. Xie Zhitang also said that Sun was not sent to the internment station for a long time.

Like the Guangzhou Internment and Repatriation Transit Station, the head of the medical department of the Guangzhou Brain Hospital, which admitted Sun Zhigang, also said that Sun’s trauma definitely did not occur during his hospitalization. This person in charge introduced that there is a video monitoring device installed in the hospital, and there is a person in charge of monitoring, once found fighting and brawling, will immediately stop. The reporter asked to see the video records, the person in charge said, will wait for the public security department investigation, in the investigation results are not out before, they will not provide video information to the reporter.

Sun Zhigang was killed by who?

The Civil Affairs Bureau believes that the shelter can not beat people, the rescue station denied that Sun’s trauma occurred during hospitalization, Huangcun Street police station refused to be interviewed

When leaving the shelter for the hospital, Sun Zhigang had filled out a “leaving station solicitation form” and he wrote: Satisfaction! Thank you! Thank you!

Now there is no way to know what Sun Zhigang was feeling at that time, nor do I know why he wrote two “thank yous” in a row. “, is he thanking himself for being admitted?

After reviewing the relevant regulations and consulting professionals, this reporter found that Sun Zhigang does not seem to belong to those who should be institutionalized.

In the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee adopted on February 23, 2002 and has been implemented on April 1 of the same year, “Guangdong Province, the management of sheltered repatriation regulations”, clearly stipulates that “in the province’s cities begging, living in the province, the management of the shelter and repatriation of people without a place to live is applicable to these provisions.

Huangcun Street Police Station, a detective in filling out the reviewer’s opinion wrote: “According to the “Guangdong Province, the management of sheltered repatriation,” Article 9, paragraph 6, the provisions of the recommended sheltered repatriation. “

This paragraph reads.

Article 9 of the following circumstances shall be internment of persons.

…… (F) without legal documents and no normal residence, no legitimate sources of livelihood and living on the streets.

The Provisions also clearly states: “have legal documents, normal residence, legitimate sources of livelihood, but do not carry the documents with them, the admission department shall not be admitted after the person has explained the situation and verified the truth “.

Sun Zhigang has a work unit, can not be said to be “no legitimate sources of livelihood “; living in a friend’s home, can not be said to be “no normal residence “; have ID cards, can not be said to be “no The police station’s statement of questioning

In the police station’s statement of questioning, it is clearly recorded that Sun’s ID number, but in the Huangcun Street police station to fill out the form, it becomes “no fixed residence, no source of livelihood, no valid documents “.

Sun Zhigang himself is missing, is only a temporary residence permit. But the reporter in any of the regulations, did not find “lack of temporary residence permit to shelter “The provisions. The reporter interviewed the office of the Guangzhou Provincial People’s Congress Law Commission by telephone, and got a clear answer: only the lack of temporary residence permit, is not sheltered.

Able to press the Guangzhou city on the “three no “vagrants and beggars management of the relevant provisions of the treatment, only is not in accordance with the provisions of the application for temporary registration of mobile persons, or mobile temporary registration card expired after the “not Employment is still in the city temporary residence” people.

But for some reason, in the interview transcript of Huangcun Street Police Station, in the words “Do you have a fixed residence now? The two questions, “What is your source of livelihood in Guangzhou now, and what is your proof? “These two questions are also noted below “None”.

Mr. Cheng has confirmed to the reporter that Sun Zhigang is indeed living in his place, in addition, the reporter also saw the written certificate issued by the garment company, proving that Sun was “February 24, 2003 to work in our company. As a graphic designer position, good performance during his tenure, integrity, is indeed my …… clothing Co.

Why in the transcript signed by Sun Zhigang, he became no “source of livelihood “it? This is now an unsolved mystery, the Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Xie is also confused, “he a college student, the IQ will not be low, how would say he did not work? “

So, according to the questioning transcript, Sun Zhigang became a “three no The person in charge of the police station signed “agree to take in and deport “, the city (district) public security organs also agreed to take in for review, so Sun Zhigang was taken in, and finally, he died.

Sun Zhigang’s unexpected death made his family, close friends, classmates and teachers are overwhelmed with grief, in their eyes: Sun Zhigang was a very good person, very talented, a little radical, some stubborn. Sun’s brother said, “He did not have much social experience, is to study and do the work, more like to talk big. “