Two Michaels may go to trial Chinese Communist hostage diplomacy wakes up the world

He Liangmao believes that Chinese Canadians should be more aware of the Chinese Communist Party‘s arbitrary detention of two Canadians, Michael Kovrig (right) and Michael Spavor (left), to date.

On March 11, the Globe and Mail published a report by a Beijing-based journalist that predicted that the Chinese Communist Party’s judicial authorities would soon begin a first instance trial of the two Canadians. Bizarrely, however, the source was a tweet by Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a subsidiary of China’s People’s Daily, who in turn cited anonymous sources. No information on the exact Time and place of the so-called first trial was made public.

Veteran media personality He Liangmao provides an analysis of the latest developments in the case of the two Canadian hostages held by the Chinese Communist Party: Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Famous examples of arbitrary hostage-taking by the Chinese Communist Party in recent years

He Liangmao introduced the two Canadian Michaels, who were actually detained in China on December 10, 2018, and have been held for more than two years now. They were charged by Beijing authorities with allegedly endangering Chinese national security. This time, the news is the first time that there is a clearer mention that they can appear in court. According to He Liangmao, the two Macs belong to one of the more famous examples of arbitrary detentions by the CCP in recent years.

Four Factors Cause CCP May Try Two Macs

He believes that the news of a possible first trial is related to a series of recent events.

The first is that on February 22, the Canadian Parliament passed a bill finding that the Chinese Communist Party had committed genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang, and the Chinese Communist Party was not happy about this.

Secondly, perhaps the United States, Biden and Blinken, also mentioned their concern about the situation of these two Macs in China. So the CCP is reacting to the U.S. concerns in this way.

Third, and I believe the most critical factor, is that Meng’s case is undergoing extradition hearings in Canada. The Canadian judge has denied a request by Meng’s defense lawyers to admit testimony from huawei employees. It is believed that the Chinese Communist Party feels that Meng’s extradition proceedings are not going well and that something needs to be done.

Fourth, and perhaps the key factor, is that 58 countries, led by Canada, have recently signed an initiative against arbitrary detention of foreigners.

This is called the Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations, which opposes the use of detention of foreign nationals by some countries as a diplomatic bargaining chip. The Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations is a declaration against the use of detention of foreign nationals by some countries as diplomatic leverage. Although not named, the implication is clear that it is a reference to the Chinese Communist Party. This has caused great concern in the international arena.

According to He Liangmao, the four factors mentioned above have led to the possibility that the Chinese Communist Party will come to interrogate the two Canadian Macs.

The rogue regime’s arbitrary detention and conviction undermines the rule of law and human rights

Under the guise of national security, the Chinese Communist Party is doing all sorts of bad things,” said He Liangmao. Hostage-taking is the same practice in China as is being implemented in Hong Kong now, using the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law to hold people indefinitely without any explanation. We have also seen from the arrest of the 709 national human rights lawyers that the Chinese Communist Party does whatever it wants and has absolutely no rule of law.

“Other people’s rule of law is ‘Rule Of Law’; the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘rule by law’ is ‘Rule By Law’. This ‘Rule By Law’ means that it has made the evil law, and it is up to it to enforce it, and it can interpret it in any way it wants. It can even know the law and violate it. So now for these two Macs as well, they are said to be spies, spying on secrets. They are involved in national security, so they can be detained indefinitely and the lawyers are not allowed to see their clients.”

He Liangmao pointed out that the National People’s Congress meeting is now in session and passed this amendment to Hong Kong’s electoral system. It is a total abolition of the Basic Law set down, Hong Kong universal suffrage, an ultimate indicator of democracy. It is the destruction of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and then the destruction of the Basic Law, and then the change of the annexes in the Basic Law about the democratic process as well.

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, as amended in the 1980s, was the same as what was written internationally, listing all kinds of freedoms for the people, such as freedom of assembly, freedom of procession, freedom of the press, and everything else. But it was originally written for others to read. As a result, China now has neither freedom of the press nor freedom of assembly. The CCP is a one-party totalitarian regime that does not follow any international norms and ignores all universal values. It is basically a rogue regime.

Canada’s Help in Restricted TV Plea Possible

If the Chinese Communist Party does go to trial, what help can the Canadian government provide for the two Macs?

He Liangmao believes the help would be limited. “First of all, I believe there will be a lot of resistance on the part of the lawyers. Can the two Macs be given the freedom to hire lawyers on their own?

“Secondly, will the Canadian embassy personnel in China be allowed to attend the trial, I am also quite pessimistic.

“Because it can use the phrase national security as a reason, it will either be a closed-door trial or a public trial but the people who can hear the trial are the people it has screened. They can keep, for example, Canadian embassy personnel, lawyers representing the two Mack’s, etc. out of the courtroom; they don’t even let you choose your own lawyer at all, by government-appointed lawyers. The meat is on the chopping block, so there’s very little room for the Canadian government to do this.

“The two Macs have been arbitrarily detained for over two years, basically sitting in a dark cell for over two years without a trial. This dark cell is where the lights are on 24 hours a day and it’s basically torture. It’s also said to be solitary confinement, which is a crime of torture. So the Chinese Communist Party has already violated the international convention against torture before the official trial has even begun. Now for those pan-democrats 47 arrested in Hong Kong, they are also in violation of this international convention against torture.”

According to He Liangmao, “If no one from the embassy can go to the trial, it is even more impossible for the Canadian media to do so. What it can allow is some official media interviews, but they have to be officially cropped, and if it really wants to report on them, it will only broadcast them if they meet its political line and political mission. I believe the Chinese Communist Party can do it.”

Two Mack case sobers up Canadians

After the two Macs were detained by Beijing authorities over the Meng Wanzhou case, there was a very strong backlash from local Canadians, and the Chinese Communist Party’s violation of international law has made it increasingly clear that Canadians have an antipathy toward the Chinese Communist Party.

But federal Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still on the fence about whether Canada should admit Huawei, and is still under the illusion that he wants to continue to engage in Sino-Canadian trade. He should wake up quickly, or else Canada will also enter the state of doom, He Liangmao said.

Chinese Canadians should be more aware of the Chinese Communist Party

He Liangmao mentioned that, on the contrary, many Chinese from Hong Kong or from other free areas feel that the Chinese Communist Party has gone too far and help Canada to demand the release of the two Macs; however, some immigrants from the mainland speak for the Chinese Communist Party and demand the release of Meng Wanzhou, forming a very ironic situation.

That is to say, under the long-term political brainwashing and propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party, many immigrants from the mainland do not realize that the Chinese Communist Party’s arrest of these two Macs is a violation of international law. Canada’s arrest of Meng in accordance with U.S. extradition regulations is in line with international law and is in accordance with the Canada-U.S. bilateral extradition agreement, and is not arbitrary.

He Liangmao said that the extradition hearing now is dealing with the extradition process. As for the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party, the judge has made it clear that the decision will be left to the U.S. court. Because Meng Wanzhou knew that Iran was sanctioned by the United States, but still through the Hong Kong bank, continue to deal with Iran. The testimony of Huawei employees is not independent, and the judge was absolutely justified in rejecting the testimony presented.