WaPo Exposed Itself to Trump’s Phone Calls, Causing a “Tsunami” of Criticism

WaPo’s fabricated Trump phone call angers many lawmakers and media for criticizing fake news (SOH Synthesis)

After the leftist media “The Washington Post” exposed its own fake news about Trump last December, a tsunami of criticism erupted in the U.S. political and media circles, with many lawmakers, political activists, and media outlets condemning the falsification of “The Washington Post” and pointing out that it was a “disgrace,” and some voices demanding accountability for the newspaper’s falsification.

On March 11, the Washington Post released a statement acknowledging that the story about Trump’s call with Georgia election investigators last December was in error and correcting the quote. The story had been widely circulated and was thought to show that Trump had pressured state officials to “subvert the election.

On March 15, Trump commented that the WaPo’s falsification exemplified “the absurdity of the media” and that he was grateful for the correction. Compared to Trump’s words, the reaction of many media and politicians was not so polite.

Political circles criticize WaPo for fake news

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (D-CA) said, “Breaking news: The Washington Post just retracted their story about Trump’s call with the Georgia Secretary of State. The WaPo admitted they lied about the whole thing. The Democrat lie machine owns the left-wing media. If you’re not surprised at all, retweet.”

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said with mild derision, “Surprise, surprise! The WaPo attributed the error to citing an “anonymous source” for President Trump’s phone call with a Georgia election investigator. They’ve now corrected the story, but months later ……”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said, “President Trump is right. Fake news! Want to know how many stories the Washington Post is going to call itself a lie?”

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) analyzed this and many wondered why people don’t trust the mainstream media. He said, “The correction from the WaPo is why.”

Fake news stories are “a disgrace”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (D-N.Y.) said, “I think it’s good for the Washington Post to publish a correction. But it’s a shame that the WaPo let it happen in the first place.”

Rep. Mark Walker (R-Fla.) said, “Blatantly ignoring the facts to fit your narrative is completely wrong and dangerous for our community. The WaPo can’t just publish a half-hearted retraction, they need to do more, they need to apologize to Trump and take responsibility for the “fake news” story.”

Joel Pollak, a political commentator, author, lawyer and now senior editor at Bradbart News, criticized the fact that the senator was only 10 votes short of convicting Trump based on a fake story from an anonymous source, and that “democracy is dying in the dark indeed.

Glenn Greenwald, a former civil rights lawyer who is now a journalist and author: “The WaPo has made a massive correction to one of the most discussed stories of the last six months. Look at threats like this and you can see the breadth of what’s happening in the media. Just like Russiangate: It’s possible to make mistakes in reporting. But the margin of error should be half and half, and not always in the same political direction.”

Demanding accountability for WaPo

The Daily Caller posted an article demanding accountability for the WaPo, saying, “Is there anyone at the Washington Post who would be held accountable for falsely quoting in a story based on something completely fabricated from an anonymous source targeting Trump?

Bradbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, on the other hand, thinks the WaPo should go down in the wake of such a scandal. He said, “The Washington Post just admitted to publishing a fictional quote that Trump was attempting a coup. If there is any appearance of journalistic impartiality left, that would be enough to bring down the entire newspaper.”

Media personality Mark Hemingway said, “This kind of mistake isn’t the usual seriousness. The major media outlets are no longer held accountable, but they keep insisting that they are the ones who are sticking to true reporting. Always remember, that what should scare you about the media is the things that don’t get exposed.”

Numerous media outlets report WaPo “fabrication” and “fraud”

Numerous U.S. media outlets have reported on the WaPo story. Fox News said, “The Washington Post has been lambasted for its extensive revision of the post-election story about Trump’s phone call with Georgia – so the words they quoted were fabricated.”

The Daily Mail asked emphatically rhetorically in its headline, “So, they made up the quote?!” , going on to say, “The Washington Post came under fire after it admitted to misquoting a phone call from Trump to a Georgia election investigator that mistakenly said Trump had asked her to ‘find fraud.'”

The Washington Times revealed its fake news under the headline “WaPo misquotes Trump’s phone call with Georgia official”; the New York Post quoted Trump as saying, “The misquote of the Washington Post’s phone call with a Georgia official was a media distortion”; and the New York Post quoted Trump as saying, “The misquote of the Washington Post’s phone call with a Georgia official was a media distortion. The New York Post quoted Trump as saying, “The Washington Post’s misquote with Georgia officials was a media distortion”; Newsweek reported in one instance with the headline, “Washington Post correction sparks furious debate over whether its false reporting influenced Georgia Senate race.”

The emerging television news outlet Newsmax used the headline, “WaPo admits it misquoted Trump’s phone call with Georgia official.” The Daily Wire headline read, “They made up the quote: WaPo criticized for reporting false quote of Trump’s call with investigators.”

Mediaite, the Washington Examiner, Newsbusters, Breitbart, and others have also published articles revealing the Washington Post’s falsified stories.