Takeaway workers shuttle in Beijing sandstorm – Takeaway workers shuttle in sandstorm

On Monday, March 15, 2021, Beijing received the strongest sandstorm in nearly a decade, and the Beijing Meteorological Station issued a yellow warning for dust storms.

On this day, yellow sand clung to the city, the ground was tawny and the heights were yellowish-brown. The wind wrapped around the sand and dust tumbled, floating dust filled the air, a choking earthy smell how can not be hidden.

But the city did not quiet down. Like most practitioners, the takeaway workers started work as usual, on line and delivered Food. The masks that should have been replaced with anti-dust and haze masks did not appear on the faces of most of them. More orders and higher punctuality than platform subsidies and effective protection are still their top priority in the sandstorm.


Midday accident, only 16 orders received

Age 36 years old to do takeaway clerk two years

The team is a very good team, but it’s a very good team. He also told us that it was bad weather today, so we should pay attention to safety on the bikes.

The morning visibility of about 100 meters, a little farther red light can not see clearly, but this road conditions than the rain, snow days are much better. Said to control the speed of cycling, are the words, 11:30 pm peak one, your actions and state are mechanical, as long as the road is not slippery, the ground is not wet, you consider or the car at the same Time to deliver six, seven orders. I basically send these amounts in each wave, and then the next wave after the delivery. Every day eight to nine waves, Home at night, click on the leaderboard, basically more than 50 single volume.

Yesterday, I hit the “jackpot” and had an accident when I delivered the second wave at noon.

Usually busy, I will clip the phone in the car handlebar bracket, the customer to call the single, I will ride the car while calling. On a sandy day with lots of orders, I rode with my head up and down to look at my phone, and ended up colliding with a young man on a shared bike. I sat on my butt on the ground, the rearview mirror was broken, and immediately felt wrong knees.

The good thing is that there is nothing wrong with the young man across the street, and the meal on the car, there is nothing wrong.

But then I already thought that the day basically closed. Afternoon and noon delivery location is not the same, most of the office buildings at noon, can take an elevator, the afternoon is a lot of community, have to climb the building. My leg is quite painful to go up and down the stairs back to the bend, can not because of this day fall what ailment, affect the future.

I’m 36 this year, not yet a Family. Age does not wait for me, the future wife and children are still waiting for me.

I’m usually a person who will grab a single, but yesterday I didn’t even think about it, I took a leave of absence with the station manager, went back to Cui Gezhuang on the Wangjing side, and slept all afternoon. This dormitory I was the first to move in, the only big bed belongs to me, there are three other workers living with me, sleeping on the bunk bed.

At nine o’clock, the workers basically came back, and once they entered the room, they showed: “Look at this ash on me. I ran a short time, did not feel much, they ran a day, the body of the sand and soil are visible to the naked eye. They put dinner on the table and ran off to take a shower.

A hometown to help me bring up the rice, twelve yuan cover rice, rider price, we often with the delivery of several restaurants are good, they gave us a preferential price, close to closing time, but also to send us more food, quite care.

I counted the orders yesterday, 16 orders, almost 40 orders worse than usual. Two more months of work, I will go back home, buy a big truck, running goods to go, the down payment of 200,000, almost all together.

When running trucks and then earn some money, marry a daughter-in-law, I want to find a long hair.


Rainy days are more difficult than sandstorms to deliver food

Age 37 years old to do take-out workers for two years

March 15, the sky will be light before dawn, I did not notice a sandstorm will come.

Running at night is the norm for me. Yesterday, I ran from zero to 4 a.m., then I went home and slept for a few hours to rest up before taking orders for the midday rush.

Looking at the orders, it was business as usual, nothing different. In the three hours from 10:30 to 13:30, I ran 23 orders. Sufficient single response to the day’s “punch single award” results, the lunch peak more than 16 single are paid, 16 single have 15 yuan, every 3 single additional 15 yuan. I took 45 pieces.

The first thing I did when I got home in the afternoon was to change out of my uniform and leave it at the door, with a thick layer of dust piled on top from my mask to my coat.

I checked the notifications in the software system and there was no bad weather overtime waiver notice for that day; the notices usually come on rainy and snowy days. Windy and sandy weather, I was not hindered in the actual delivery, the visibility of the road does not affect the bike, just windy, raising the dust and sand dirty some.

Every time I stop to run a single back, I will see the car seat in addition to my sedentary position is relatively clean, other places are covered with a layer of dust, at first I also take a rag to rub a rub, anxious to go with him, anyway, soon clothes are dirty through.

Whenever there is bad weather, there will be a closing, less manpower, the amount of orders sent over, the system will no longer be sent in the same direction standard, each single and each single distance, direction changes a lot, encounter this situation, I will turn down the inconvenient orders.

Sandstorm weather, the platform did not single to subsidize, but as usual, the morning, midday and evening peak unit prices are relatively high, can earn a third more than non-peak hours. Almost to 12:30, the afternoon peak is about to end, looking at the single price to drop down, I grabbed five orders.

Because it is the same time to grab the next order, the time interval is very short, there is a single overtime a few minutes, was fined 80 cents.

I am not afraid of sandstorm weather, and did not do any special protection, is a disposable medical mask and goggles, additional do not need. Two years of delivery, wind, rain, snow, dust storms have been I ran into, rainy days to miss work. Whenever it rains, the ground is wet and slippery, so you have to slow down.

I’ve been in a rainstorm, and that’s what makes it hard.

If I remember correctly, it was one night last summer and it was raining heavily. Some of the boundaries of the road is not flat, slow drainage, the wheels of the car to go down are not a cut, there is no choice but to detour. Wearing a raincoat and rain boots are useless, all wet, freezing people’s upper teeth shivering, in order to deliver food, we have to hold on.

That time, looking at the phone will not last, there is a timeout order, the customer canceled, less money earned a single. I remember that night I sent a few consecutive orders are a little overtime, but no customers rush orders. Sandstorm this day also no rush single, I have a number in mind, we all know understanding.


Today I exceeded my goal and delivered 43 orders

Age 27 years old to do a month of takeaway

“Today outside windy, pay attention to safety, wear a good mask outside sand. This is what the person who recruited me into the company said to me before I ran the order, and it was the only advice I heard.

The morning meeting started at 9:30 as usual. I went out at nine o’clock in the morning, ate a breakfast, and ran to gather for the morning meeting, the morning meeting outside, almost half an hour each time, sandstorm weather is no exception. When the morning meeting, the whole sky like a change of color, especially yellow, but can see the road, two or three hundred meters no problem.

The morning meeting also arrived in full, some time ago, there are always people do not come, the above said that once do not come to a fine of twenty dollars, the fine money station manager are used to buy drinks for everyone. But people are still concerned about the money, recently few people do not come.

I did not bring any special protective mask, and as usual, only wore a medical mask, goggles and woolen gloves. The wind blew the dust and sand only to the helmet, at first every half hour of running, I have to wipe a goggles, face was also smeared with a layer of ash, I took a finger rubbed, can rub down the mud and ash, like a long time without a bath.

Most of the passers-by and the usual nothing different, I remember a person covered quite tightly, head with a duck-tongued hat, long scarf to the face around, only to show an eye, I turned around cold and startled.

I’m not afraid to get dirty, but it’s really dangerous to ride a bike on a windy day. There are several times, I can feel the wind even with the car with people to blow me off, almost can not control, stick to the roadside parked in a row of cars.

The good thing is, I ran 43 orders a day, but unfortunately only one single timeout. This day, is the most I have run a month since I joined the industry, usually I set myself the goal is to complete 35 orders per day, more to do is quite good.

I am not in the habit of looking at the weather forecast, the day I encounter what the weather is how to come. The platform does not have bad weather subsidies, and there are no additional bonus activities, but the good thing is that the customer unit price is high.

As long as it doesn’t rain, the delivery is not a big problem. Last Friday’s rain was the second rain I encountered running delivery, when I was inexperienced, the phone screen was full of water, there was no way to frequently wipe, hands and gloves were wet, scratching the phone screen was particularly difficult. I froze in the rain for two hours, and my body didn’t endure, so I haven’t recovered from the cold until now.

When I joined the industry, I calculated an account, helmet processing suit I spent 190 yuan, insulation box is 200 yuan, rent an electric car is 699 yuan a month, and then pay 5 yuan a day to change the battery cost, my cost nearly 1300 yuan. I did not add any equipment for bad weather, anti-haze and wind and dust masks I also do not feel the need to prepare.

As long as you ensure punctuality and do a good job, I can save 4,000 yuan every month, and I don’t want anything else.