Closed school cutting leeks sparked discontent Guangdong school students rushed the school gate en masse

The students’ long-standing dissatisfaction finally broke out as Guangzhou University of Science and Technology continued to close its doors for the semester. 17 days later, hundreds of students broke out of the university en masse. (Weibo photo)

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A student at the Guangzhou University of Science and Technology, Lin Fang (a pseudonym), told the Epoch Times that about 300 to 400 students stormed out of the school at noon and the security guards could not stop them.

“It was the end of class and the end of school, and there was a car going in and out, so the security guard let the car out. Then there are many students rushing out together. Security can not stop, some students also fell down.”

Lin Fang said, because of this incident, later once rumors that the school was unblocked. But after class in the afternoon, but see the entrance to the school has increased a lot of security guards, even the path also increased a lot of security guards, a student took the path out on the spot was caught. But that student held the security guard to the ground instead.

Students reminded each other not to take the old path to go out. (Weibo)

The Food is expensive, difficult to eat, often eat worms

In response to the cause of this collective student punch card, Lin Fang said that their school has not been unblocked from last semester until now. The school next door is unblocked. Not only that, the school cafeteria food prices continue to rise, but unhygienic and even eat worms, many students ate diarrhea.

The worms in the canteen food are clearly visible. (Weibo)

Another student of the school, Zhang Feng (a pseudonym) also told reporters that the main reason for this incident is the school canteen prices are expensive, some stalls meal price increases, coupled with the school next to have been unblocked, and students are difficult to take leave, before there is a great deal of discontent.

Zhang Feng said that the school meals are very expensive, some stall meals continue to increase in price, the average price of a meal for him to 16, a day is probably close to 50 yuan. Some people eat cheaper, a person a day also an average of about forty yuan.

Some students of the school disclosed on the Internet that the school and the canteen are cooperating in a proportional way to take profits, and the more the canteen earns the more the school takes. Many stalls reduce costs to save money, resulting in bad taste, poor quality, inadequate portions, and extremely poor environment and hygiene.

The student also said: “I have experienced gastrointestinal discomfort after eating in the East Dining Hall, the West Dining Hall, and the 2 Central Dining Halls during my school years. My housemate ate a fried rice with chicken steak on the second floor of the dining hall in the East District and got up at 6 a.m. with diarrhea.”

In order to force students to eat in the cafeteria, the school administration only allows students to eat in the cafeteria, or order take-out, and all outside food is confiscated.

Last year, the school security office issued a notice to prohibit students from bringing fast food, milk tea, vegetables and frozen ingredients back to school under the pretext of “Epidemic prevention and control”, otherwise they would all be confiscated, many students bought milk tea, burgers, fried chicken, etc. were seized and confiscated by the school security team.

The school guard office has confiscated milk tea and other takeaways brought by students many times. (Weibo photo)

Unnecessary school closure

Zhang Feng introduced, Guangzhou University of Science and Technology is actually located in a remote part of Guangzhou, has been a low-risk areas, but from the last semester has been closed school, now the surrounding schools are unsealed, his door school is still closed school, so the 17th noon punch school card incident occurred.

After that they thought for a while that the closure was lifted, and some classes even sent out notices saying they could go out to eat. But that night suddenly became stricter. “It is said that a leader went to the school gate and scolded the school security, after which it started to become stricter.” Zhang Feng said some students sneaked out of the school that day to eat from a side road and were caught by security guards.

Zhang Feng said they need to leave the school gate, but it depends on whether the counselor approves the leave, while some counselors are more strict, basically do not approve, some counselors are more loosely managed.

In addition, the school is closed only for students to travel, while the staff can come and go as they please, which also makes students feel unfair.

Poor faculty but keep expanding for profit

Some students complained online that the school’s teachers are very poor, even only one language teacher. But the school to make money, unlimited expansion, the campus is congested, but still building dormitories, questioning the school to students as leeks cut, eat ugly.


Zhang Feng also told reporters that the school dormitory often does not have hot water. And the school is still expanding, the previous playground is now being converted into a dormitory, and the tuition is very expensive. “College before 18,500 (yuan) / year, now the specialist rose to 21,000 (yuan), undergraduate are at least 26,000 (yuan). There has been a lot of dissatisfaction among students.”

The school sealed the ban on forwarding related videos, etc.

After the school punch card incident, the school further tightened the school gate management at the same Time, and issued a notice to prohibit students to disseminate the video.

The school issued a notice prohibiting the dissemination of videos, pictures, and text. (Weibo)

Zhang Feng said, now not allowed to forward those videos, said found to be punished, not so many people forwarded, but the microblogging posted are real events.

The company also said that now they are not allowed to forward those videos, and those found will be punished.

There are students in the microblogging posting spit: “KWU is a biological can enter, is a student is not allowed out of the school, in order to put us in a circle to slaughter, we are students not water fish, advise Phoenix eat not too ugly!”

There are also netizens posting that “it is simply magical reality, eating looks ugly,” and “playing the banner of anti-epidemic policy to increase the code pit students.”

Despite the blockade, there are still many discussions about it on Weibo, with some netizens calling the card punching incident “GKU 3-17 uprising”; “GKU uprising”; “unblocked uprising”; and “Guangkeng escape!”