Biden’s tough comments on Cuomo, two governors lose Democratic protection

Allegations of sexual harassment by Cuomo have been as many as seven women, Biden 16 said if the investigation allegations are true, Cuomo should resign. Another investigation Cuomo faces is the concealment of the number of deaths in the elderly Home Epidemic. Pictured is Cuomo visiting the State University of New York’s vaccination site for the Chinese Communist virus on March 15, 2021.

In a March 16 interview with ABC, President Joe Biden said Cuomo should resign if the current investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirms his allegations of sexual harassment of staff members. This is the strongest statement he has made on the subject of Cuomo so far. Just a day or two ago, Biden, in response to a reporter’s question, said that he should wait to see the results of the investigation.

There are now as many as seven women who have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. One of them, former aide Charlotte Bennett, 25, met with investigators online for more than four hours on March 16. Bennett’s attorney, Debra Katz, said in a statement to news outlets that Bennett detailed her allegations and provided more than 120 pages of records.

Bennett and her legal team now say they are confident that the results of the investigation will confirm the sexual harassment allegations, and say Cuomo’s senior staff did not enforce the law’s mandatory reporting requirement for sexual harassment allegations. And the law was signed by Cuomo himself.

Katz said Bennett “also provided detailed information about the hostile work environment the governor created in his Manhattan and Albany (New York state capital) offices for women and his efforts to create competition and tension among female staffers who came to his attention.” New York State Attorney General Letitia James has appointed attorneys Joon Kim and Ann Clark to lead the team investigating the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo.

The New York State Assembly is conducting a separate investigation. More than 100 state lawmakers have urged Cuomo to resign. Several leading Democrats from New York, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), have called for Cuomo’s resignation. Cuomo has refused to resign and asked voters to reserve judgment until after the findings are released.

In April 2020, Biden said on the leftist NBC television program that Cuomo was the Gold standard for handling the outbreak. Cuomo also won the 2020 Emmy Awards for his television announcements on the epidemic.

Cuomo is also facing an investigation for concealing the number of deaths from a co-viral outbreak in a senior citizen’s home. The governor issued a directive on March 25, 2020, to return recovering CCHS patients to nursing homes. The directive was rescinded on May 10, and since then, elderly homes have stopped accepting patients with the CCP virus who do not have negative test results.

According to the Associated Press, more than 9,000 patients with the CCP virus have been returned to nursing homes for the elderly from hospitals in New York State, 40 percent more than the number of patients previously provided by the state’s health department. New York State Attorney General Letitia James said in a Jan. 28 report that the state Department of Health had underestimated the number of elderly home deaths by about half.

But there has been little mainstream media coverage of the Cuomo administration’s concealment of elderly home deaths, except for more coverage today of sexual harassment allegations. According to Fox News, it is now known that Cuomo has been yelling at staff and the media for years, and that only a few people are on his “Do Not Yell” list.

California Governor Newsom Faces Ouster, Admits “Fear of the Matter”

California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted in a March 16 interview with ABC television that the effort to recall him is likely to have enough signatures. That means the next step in California’s civil campaign to recall him will come. Voters will have to answer two questions: first, whether they agree to recall Newsom; second, who they will choose to replace him.

Organizers of the recall campaign must turn in at least 1.5 million valid signatures by March 17, and then elected officials will have several weeks to assess the validity of those signatures.

Newsom, who had previously been unofficial about the civil recall effort, responded publicly for the first Time on March 15 and rolled out a group of senators, including Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Cory Booker (D-Vt.), to endorse him.

In an interview with ABC, he said, “This one is serious” (This one is serious) and expressed concern (I’m worried). Since taking office as governor in 2019, the recall is the sixth civil effort to get Newsom out of office. Unlike in the past, this time the mainstream media is covering it. For example, the interview he gave on ABC was also relayed by CNN, NBC, Politico, The Hill and other mainstream media.

Last August, Newsom was still the Democratic Party’s star of tomorrow. He spoke during prime time at the Democratic National Convention. In 2004, he spoke at the Democratic National Convention and rose to the national political stage.

Losing value?

Why has the Democratic Party’s attitude toward Cuomo and Newsom changed so much? English-language Epoch Times columnist Lee Smith likens the current wave of calls for Cuomo’s resignation in the Democratic Party to an “open season” of hunting. He said the attack on Cuomo does not mean that Joe Biden’s party or its media mouthpieces have a clear conscience. Rather, it simply means that Cuomo is no longer useful to the Democratic Party. It was because he represented a threat to other ambitious Democrats that the party lifted the protective screen and gave the green light to the media’s attack campaign.

The Wall Street Journal also published an editorial on March 14 stating that the left can now do this to Cuomo because he’s a dispensable person now. As a spokesman against President Trump (Trump), he’s important. But now that the Democrats are in charge of all of Washington and the progressives are in power, Cuomo is no longer useful. The harassment allegations are embarrassing to Democrats, who want him to walk away quietly so it doesn’t affect the 2022 midterm elections.

U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said in a March 7 interview with The Epoch Times, “Kamala Harris (D-N.Y.) is now the vice president, in fact the president, the elected leader of the Democratic Party.” “So the Democratic power brokers are targeting Cuomo and California Governor Newsom, who are the most likely rivals for Hejinli. Meanwhile, the media is helping the Democrats attack her rivals, while the tech giants have obediently lifted the filter on Cuomo, allowing the attacks to be effective.”

U.S. political commentator Shi Zhangshan in Washington, D.C., said the American left, seemingly united, has actually begun to split after the disappearance of its common enemy, Trump. Left-leaning politics in the U.S. will not last long, and communism hiding behind the far left and lacking the economic impetus to drive social progress will be seen in two or three years.