Mainland banks push “bride price loan” caused by the netizens hot debate

Mainland Tuesday (16) online rumors of a new loan product poster launched by a mainland bank has caused a huge controversy, the poster written on the “bride price loan”, that is, the prospective couple on the Chinese Marriage custom of the engagement financial gift, and the loan amount up to 300,000 yuan (RMB, the same below, about 360,000 Hong Kong dollars). But some netizens question, if even the basic marital events are to be resolved through loans, “can be happy”.

According to the poster, the bride price loan for Jiangxi Jiujiang Bank for the “born pair” exclusive custom, the slogan reads “bride price expenses do not worry, ‘loan’ to steady happiness”, the maximum The maximum loan amount is 300,000 yuan, and the maximum loan amount is one year, and the annual interest rate is as low as 4.9%.

The three application requirements include the applicant being 22 years old and above; having worked continuously for at least 12 months; and requiring one of the couple to be an official employee of an administrative institution.

After the poster was released, it aroused the concern of mainland netizens, who questioned “the loan before marriage to send bride price, after the marriage, the two people together to pay?” The man is married and divorced after the bride price loan, how to deal with the loan? The bank: I’ll help you test whether the new couple can share the hardships”; some netizens even broke the news, “in fact, it is a consumer loan with a new name”.