California Governor Newsom faces recall, relies on patriots, netizens criticize 30% of recall signatures as Democrats

The petition to remove California Governor Newsom has collected about 2 million signatures by the deadline of March 17, significantly exceeding the minimum threshold of 1,495,709. The process to recall California Governor Newsom is looking to be officially launched.

The Breitbart News said county election officials have until April 29 to tally up the number of signatures from registered voters to report to the Secretary of State’s office, and the state has 10 days to tally the results for each county. After that, voters have 30 days to withdraw their signatures. After the withdrawal period, the number of signatures will be counted again, and if there are still 1,495,709 signatures, the state treasury will have 30 more business days to estimate the election costs, and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee will have another 30 days to review the estimates, and the petition to recall Newsom will not be certified until August at the earliest. After certification, the lieutenant governor must call an election within 60 to 80 days. Such a timetable could push the final vote to recall Newsom as governor to November or December of this year.

Now Newsom is trying to convince voters to withdraw from the petition to recall him, saying on the Stop the Republican Recall website that the Republicans seeking to recall him are “a coalition of national Republicans, anti-vaccinators, Anonymous Q conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters ” and Newsom blamed the recall on these groups. According to the Los Angeles Times, they include “Anonymous Q peddlers, “patriots” ready to fight, and the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys.

That’s a very interesting statement, writes the Breitbart News, that most of these America-loving people want Newsom out of office. What’s even more telling is that seeing as so many voters want to remove the governor, one can only imagine how they gained power, and it should be clear to everyone by now that deception and projection are the keys to the left’s rise to power.

There is no shortage of Democrats among Newsom’s opponents, with 30 percent of the signatures calling for Newsom’s recall being Democrats, and left-wing billionaire super-donor Chamath Palihapitiya launching his own campaign for governor earlier this year.