Just won’t change! Anti-Trump Media Refuses to Retract Fake News About Trump

The National Pulse reports that ABC, PBS, has refused to retract false reports about President Trump.

The report said. Despite the fact that ABC and PBS amplified the Washington Post’s false story on air about alleged pressure by President Trump on election investigators, the networks refused to correct it.

The News busters website noted that “as other outlets scrambled to correct the story in their online copies, ABC News and PBS talked about the now-debunked order on air, refusing to provide viewers with the appropriate corrections Monday”

On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” reporter Elwyn Lopez repeated the claims made in the corrected Jan. 10 Washington Post story.

And inaccurate statements about the president continue to make headlines. In a late December phone call, President Trump encouraged a Georgia election official to, in his words, ‘find the fraud.”

Newsbusters added “But at no point during Monday’s newscast did ABC’s “World News Tonight” correct the record for viewers. Instead, anchor David Muir talked about the snow in Colorado, touted the confirmation of New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland (D) as secretary of the interior and fawned over the Oscar nomination,”

Likewise, the Jan. 10 edition of PBS News published a false report from The Washington Post. Anchor Hari Sreenivasan noted, “As Congress weighs impeaching Mr. Trump, there are new reports that the president interfered with Georgia’s election results, and in addition to his now-publicized phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state, The Washington Post reported yesterday that President Trump, in a phone call shortly before Christmas, called Georgia election investigator on the phone and pressured him to, in his words, ‘find out what the fraud was.”

Srinivasen continued, “Legal experts told The Post that the president’s attempts to interfere with an ongoing investigation could constitute obstruction of justice or other criminal conduct, but may be difficult to prove.”

The outlet has still refused to cover the story since the revelation that its core claims were fabricated.