White House: Biden refuses to relieve Cuomo of anti-epidemic leadership job

A number of Democratic members of Congress have called for New York Governor Cuomo to step down in a sexual harassment scandal, and White House spokesman John Pusaki responded Monday (15) that President Joe Biden would not relieve Cuomo of his responsibility to lead the fight against the Epidemic, adding that the Biden Administration would work with Cuomo, stressing that he did not want the epidemic to be hampered.

Asked why Comeau still attended the White House meeting on the epidemic as chairman of the National Governors Association, Psaki did not answer positively, saying only that the National Governors Association and the state speaker decided whether it was necessary to make the transfer. For the sexual harassment scandal, Psaki also said that the incident has new developments every day, Biden is troubled by this and difficult to read, but believes that an independent investigation is appropriate, but in view of the seriousness of the allegations, Psaki stressed that the investigation must be prompt and thorough. She also said that every woman who is willing to come forward should be treated with respect and dignity.

Now seven women have publicly testified against Cuomo sexual harassment, his former assistant Hinton (Karen Hinton) on Monday disclosed further details, said in 2000 when Cuomo hugged during the other party apparently had a “physical reaction”, feeling extremely uncomfortable, said: “He came close to me, hugged me He approached me, hugged me too tightly, for a long Time, and then had a physiological reaction. I felt extremely uncomfortable and shocked, which had never happened before.”