China’s real estate tax legislation to start by 2023

The mainland official hit the real estate tax “real estate tax” and a new development, the mainland official will “promote the real estate tax legislation” into the “14th Five-Year Plan” outline, mainland experts believe that the real estate tax will be launched before 2023. Mainland experts believe that the real estate tax legislation will be launched before 2023.

Surfing News reported that this “planning outline”, which plans the development of the next five years and the visionary goal of 2035, once again mentions “promoting real estate tax legislation”, and in chapter 21, establishing a modern fiscal and financial system, it is mentioned that ” Promote real estate tax legislation, improve the local tax system, and gradually expand the local tax administration and management power.”

Jia Kang, president of the Huaxia Institute of New Supply Economics and former director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance, believes that according to the legislative arrangement of the 13th National People’s Congress, the real estate tax will start legislation within the term of the current National People’s Congress.

And according to the schedule, the 13th NPC Standing Committee’s term of office is from March 2018 to March 2023, which also represents the real estate tax, will start the legislation before 2023.

Jia Kang believes that the real estate tax legislation as part of the creation of long-term mechanism is imperative, but the current real estate tax to promote the difficulty is relatively large, the parties or have not yet formed a consensus.