Toxic Butterfly Effect

The more Meghan plays, in addition to being kicked out of contact with the Democratic Party, with the intention of running for the next Democratic Party presidential candidate, the British royal Family officially contacted lawyers to “drain the swamp”, to Meghan refers to the royal family “racial discrimination” search for evidence.

The original married into the rich family, make a little gossip such as the Golden Girls, can meet the grassroots population of the TV series curiosity. But Meghan is clearly not. Like a detective novel, deliberate, at a young age to lay a bureau, to Diana as an icon, fight in, pull out, and then with the far left forces, trying to destroy the constitutional monarchy.

It is a good thing. On the contrary, Eastern women are accustomed to see the East Palace and West Palace, Wu Zetian Cixi Empress Dowager such characters, with the sixth sense to see through at a glance.

Dream of the Red Chamber can be strictly speaking because Lin Ruhai’s orphaned daughter has been in the Rongguo Mansion since the butterfly effect created the “watch him up Zhu Lou, watch him feast guests, watch his building collapse” end. Megan, a second-rate TV star, is a modern Chinese and a Jiang Qing for the record, you ask any woman in a Beijing hutong, shaking a fan on a bamboo chair, show her a photo, tell her about her background, the woman will sit up straight, throw the fan in her hand and slap her thigh: this demon, not a thing.

Culture accumulation will produce feeling. Chinese phrenology is all about feelings: Parents choose to see their son-in-law, invite him to their Home for a meal, speak to see if his eyes are twinkling, lift the bowl of chopsticks, ask about Education, British and American studies, and which family he is from. Savvy parents also link the name brand of the school he studied with the year. For example, if B. Litt studied at Oxford University in 1965, it is obviously different from studying PPE at Oxford in 2012.

If it is not the same, it is not necessary to bother writing, insiders a sense of hearing, and often feel accurate. Megan if the Americans, it does not matter, if there is a Wesleyan graduate Pedigree, the first apart, there is no problem.

All strife can escalate into a political storm in the Internet generation. A sick cop in London killed a woman, causing women and civilians to gather in mourning. But in times of Epidemic, there is an explicit ban on gathering. Of course the police had to enforce the law. But once the police enforced the law, the gathering became even more vulnerable and turned into a defense of police brutality. The case escalated from an incidental and random murder to gender politics. As in the case in Minnesota, the label race turned into another storm. It didn’t help that the police commissioner in London was already a woman.

The left gum plus the internet festered together, and here’s where the horror lies in a generation of fools. And it happened in England, in some far corner, of course, someone is secretly laughing.