U.S. border crisis spread to neighboring countries Mexico to “take over” the construction of the border wall

Reuters recently reported that the Mexican government’s deeper assessment of the U.S. border crisis pointed out that the Biden administration’s policy of “condoning” immigration into the U.S. has also brought enormous pressure on Mexico’s illegal immigration, and the Mexican government intends to take over Trump‘s strategy of building a wall on its own border to stop illegal immigration.

The report also said that the Biden Administration‘s policy is favored by the network of cross-border criminal trafficking gangs. A Mexican official, who asked not to be named, said, “From the day Biden took office, the activities of Mexican criminal networks began to increase.”

Biden’s Immigration Policy Urges Mexican Government to Build Border Wall Too

According to data obtained by Reuters, the number of people entering the U.S. illegally reached a 15-year high in February this year. In response to the wave of Latin American migrants pouring into the U.S., Mexico is considering building its own border wall along the southern border. A Mexican government official recounted that “Mexico has paid over the odds with each new influx of immigrants,” but we have to do it.

According to reports, Mexican President Lopez Obrador (Andrés Obrador) also expressed “serious concern” about Biden’s immigration policy, and he harshly criticized Biden’s immigration agenda.

President Lopez Obrador believes that Biden’s reputation as the “immigration president” has led to an influx of illegal immigrants into Mexico on their way to the United States. In a speech addressing Biden’s immigration policy after a March 1 video meeting with Biden and Mexico, he noted that Biden’s immigration policy has allowed more immigrants to enter the United States illegally.

The Mexican president called on the United States: “We need to work together to control the influx of immigrants because this problem cannot all be fully solved in a day or two.”

Connivance with criminal gangs fuels child trafficking

Reuters reports that the Biden administration’s policies, particularly its connivance with criminal gangs and gangs, have contributed to the evil of child trafficking.

Child trafficking is rampant in the Mexican city of Nogales, which borders El Paso, Texas, where 5,700 unaccompanied children were registered in January of this year alone.

Traffickers seek to send these children to the United States first, and then the children’s relatives will arrive one by one, and then apply for asylum on the grounds that they cannot be separated from their families, but many are fake families and fake marriages.

In an interview with Voice of Hope, Mr. Oscar El Blue, a Mexican journalist and internet personality, said that the problem is now very serious and acute, and that there is indeed a border crisis. He believes that the refugee caravan actually brings many problems: child trafficking, sex trade, human smuggling and drug trafficking. Since the caravan phenomenon began in 2018, 34,000 children have been trafficked. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) found nearly 30,000 unaccompanied children and single minor migrants at the Southwest border in the first five months of fiscal year 2021 through February, with 10 percent of them under the age of 12 and the remaining 90 percent between the ages of 13 and 17, according to CPB. This CPB figure differs significantly from the information made public by the Biden administration.

Trump’s Safe Third Country Agreement

Reuters also reported that the Biden administration’s policy of ending Trump’s deportation of illegal immigrants to Central America is considered “particularly problematic.

It is reported that in 2019, the U.S. government under then-President Trump signed a “safe third country” agreement with three Central American countries – Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras – which agreed to act as a “buffer zone” to block illegal immigrants from Central American countries. The three countries agreed to play a “buffer zone” to prevent illegal immigrants from Central American countries from moving north to the United States. Under the agreement, illegal immigrants who want to cross the U.S. border with Mexico must first apply for asylum in the three countries.

The agreement has been effective in curbing illegal immigration from the Americas into the United States.