Wolf’s credibility bankruptcy

In Hong Kong, seven people died after receiving vaccines from China Techsun, and the Vaccine Expert Evaluation Committee of the SAR Government “preliminarily concluded” that there was no “direct relationship” between all the cases and vaccination, and that they were all due to the health problems of the people concerned. However, if there is no “direct relationship”, is it an “art of language”, that is, there may be an “indirect relationship”? Earlier, the experts concerned also claimed that they “do not rule out” that the cause of death “may” have a “non-direct” relationship with inoculation, and this multi-layered sentence of possible negation is a kind of absurdity to everyone. The reason for this is that it is a ridiculous feeling – if there is, then there is, if there is not, then there is not, and if it is unknown, then it is unknown, so what is this statement?

However, when the news is selling this level of lies and lies every day, it is like the famous saying in the past after China’s high-speed rail accident: “Whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway” – just like the recent government’s daily propaganda of ” perfecting” Hong Kong’s electoral system, adding a review, and even reinstating the abolished Election Committee for more than a decade as “perfect” and “broadly representative”. -By the same token, what is the meaning of “not directly related”? Does it mean that the cause of death is “perfect”? Or is it a “widely representative cause of death”?

When Hong Kong people are living in this “post-one country, two systems” society, and every day they hear such “great arguments” from the government, so that everything is fully politicized, Hong Kong society begins to “integrate with China”. “Earlier, a media interview with an airport employee with a mainland accent, who was vaccinated with the German BioNTech vaccine, said that, just like milk powder, this kind of Food that goes into the stomach (into the body) is more confident in foreign ones. –Why? Why do Chinese people have less confidence in Chinese milk powder than foreign milk powder? Chinese officials have repeatedly “clarified” that foreign milk powder smuggled into China does not meet China’s nutritional requirements, and that Chinese milk powder is of the highest quality.

As for the Chinese Communist Party‘s claim that “the EC is broadly representative”, it is strange that when the Chinese Communist Party designed the Basic Law, it reduced the number of seats in the EC “in a gradual and orderly manner” for several consecutive terms in 1998, 2000 and 2004, until it was completely abolished. Why did the Chinese Communist Party design the Basic Law in such a way that the number of seats in the EC was reduced “gradually” in the 1998, 2000 and 2004 terms until it was abolished? The abolition of the Election Committee back then was “gradual and orderly”, but now it is also “gradual and orderly” to reverse the process and restore and increase the number of seats in the Election Committee. This logic of “forward and backward” is really eye-opening and beyond the comprehension of any ordinary person; or, in short, whatever the Chinese government says is right, whatever China says is reasonable, just as Hua Guofeng put forward the “two kinds of everything” theory, which should guide the whole country to learn!

But what we don’t understand is that if the EC has such a wide representation, then what is the point of having directly elected seats and functional constituency seats? Why not abolish them altogether and replace them with a full EC? This will not only reduce election expenses, but also reduce the manpower of Legislative Council Members and save a large amount of public money for the Government. On the one hand, they say that the EC is very good, but on the other hand, they do not abolish the EC completely. We do not understand.

When the government itself is directly selling this kind of policy and speech day in and day out, then naturally, everyone will use the same criteria to examine any government decision, and use the same criteria to measure whether the government’s speech is credible; by the same token, whether the Kexin vaccine is safe, just like joining the EC is “perfect” for Hong Kong’s political system. This is the same thing. Of course there is no confidence crisis in Hong Kong! Because a “broad spectrum of the community” supports the National Security Law, supports the “improvement” of the electoral system, and supports the Ke Xing vaccine, believe it or not, I believe it anyway! Believe it or not, I believe it anyway!