China-India border Liberation Army killed and wounded Pan Shiyi’s son is wanted online for overseas postings

Beijing police reported on Monday that Sina Weibo user Pan Mou had made a “rumor to defame heroes and martyrs” last year, accusing Beijing of misrepresenting the casualty figures of the People’s Liberation Army on the India-China border. Police urged him to return to China as soon as possible for investigation and treatment, and placed Pan in criminal detention and launched a manhunt for him. Several Chinese media reported that Pan is the son of real estate businessman Pan Shiyi, Pan Rui, who is currently outside of China.

The Beijing Haidian Public Security Bureau today reported that after the news media reported the heroic deeds of the officers and soldiers defending the country’s borders, some people reported to the police that a Sina Weibo user had published rumors in the comments section of other people’s microblogs on June 23 last year to slander the heroic martyrs, causing a bad social impact. After police investigation and verification, the microblogging user Pan Mou (male, 30 years old) has been outside the country after leaving Beijing on February 2 last year. Currently, the Haidian Public Security Bureau has pursued Pan in accordance with the law. The police hereby urge Pan to return to his Home country as soon as possible to undergo investigation and treatment.

On the same day, it was rumored on the Internet that the 30-year-old Pan referred to by the Beijing police was the son of wealthy businessman Pan Shiyi in the United States, Pan Rui, who had already been “exposed” by Sima Nan for defaming garrison soldiers. In response, Internet activist Zhang Ping told Radio Free Asia on Monday: “Pan Shiyi’s son has been in the Western free world, where he has embraced liberal thinking and realized that China’s so-called history and martyrs are all fabricated. This part of the power elite, who had a vested interest in China, entered the Western world and they have awakened.”

The leftist scholar Sima Nan said on Weibo earlier that Pan Shiyi’s son Pan Rui had slandered the garrison soldiers, but was safe and sound, and many people said “not enough to deal with the anger, not enough to deal with the state law”, Pan Rui’s words are to discredit the heroes, slander, and sacrifice their lives to suffer such slander, objectively more to the Indian army The objective is to cheer up the Indians.

Born in Gansu, Pan Shiyi and his wife Zhang Xin founded SOHO China in 1995 to build a real estate empire from Hainan Island, and on March 20, 2020, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin were ranked 68th on the 2020 Hurun Global Real Estate Rich List with a wealth of 25 billion RMB.

Pan Rui : “At least one camp of our army was buried alive”

The official microblog of Liaoning’s Communist Youth League said the man being pursued “is suspected to be Pan Rui, the son of property developer Pan Shiyi.” A screenshot of a microblog shows a large V account named Pan Rui posting that “at least one camp of our army was buried alive” in the border conflict and that “there is no chance of being buried in the sky.” The screenshot was taken on June 23 last year.

The police will resolutely crack down on insulting, defaming or otherwise infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs and damaging the public interest in accordance with the law, said the Beijing Haidian District Public Security Bureau. In response, Ms. Yao, a retired Beijing teacher, told the station, “Pan Shiyi’s son, Pan Rui, should not be the first, and certainly not the last, to be fled across the border for his online comments. Can’t we just question the martyrs? I really don’t understand why people like Pan Rui are wanted online for nothing more than commenting.”

In the middle of last month, China’s CCTV reported that five PLA officers and soldiers were killed or injured in clashes along the Sino-Indian border last year, followed by the criminal detention of a Nanjing-based netizen, “Hot Pen Little Ball,” for mocking the PLA online. In the following four days, seven more netizens were detained by the public security bureau for allegedly “disparaging the PLA. In addition, Wang Jingyu, whose hometown is Chongqing, is also wanted by Chongqing police online.

I think the reason is simply because he is Pan Shiyi’s son. These officials are basically more Westernized, and their children are also more Westernized because they have received Western Education and studied abroad too early.

Mr. Pan said that in today’s Chinese public opinion and political environment, this group of officials already constitutes a provocation and threat to Zhongnanhai. The crackdown on Pan Shiyi’s son is also intended to deter the “foreign school” officials.