Hong Kong’s judicial system collapses: The Times urges British judges to resign in general

China’s National People’s Congress to change Hong Kong‘s electoral system, so that the democrats can hardly continue to voice in the system, the British community unanimously condemned China’s violation of the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” commitment, the British “Times” published an article on Monday, said that the Hong Kong judicial system has “collapsed” (compromised system), the article The article called for the resignation of British judges in general and should not continue to provide legitimacy to Hong Kong’s judicial system.

The article argues that the Chinese regime has not yet “turned the knife” on the British judges, mainly to use them to whitewash and provide legitimacy to Hong Kong’s judicial system, which has an independent judicial system that is the key to maintaining Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center. Since the Chinese Communist Party pushed through the “Hong Kong State Security Law” last year, this “ornament” has become even more important.

The article argues that the assumption that British judges could uphold judicial independence and the rule of law in Hong Kong is no longer valid, as China has completely undermined democracy in Hong Kong. The article quotes former Hong Kong House of Representatives member in exile in the United Kingdom, Law Kwun-chung, as saying that the British judges are now just a smear of “unwarranted power” and that it is impossible to “defend true justice” under Hong Kong’s national security law, not to mention that the Chief Executive now has the power to transfer The Chief Executive now has the power to transfer national security law cases to mainland China for trial.

Recently, two British judges chose to stay in Hong Kong and renew their contracts, including non-permanent Court of Final Appeal judges David Neuberger and Robert Walker, who were reappointed for another three years. The article says that it is impossible for British judges to “change the system” of Hong Kong’s judicial demise, and calls for British judges to resign and stop whitewashing the collapsing system.

The British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Lan Tao Wen, said in his semi-annual report on Hong Kong last year that he would review the issue of British judges serving in Hong Kong and would consult with the British Supreme Court and the Lord Chancellor. Last week, Beijing drastically revised Hong Kong’s electoral system and established a new policy of “patriots ruling Hong Kong”, which is tantamount to killing the last hope of restoring Hong Kong’s freedom, and the British political circles are further discussing the issue of the retention of judges in Hong Kong.