Experts: the vaccine can only ensure that three months effective, may still be infected to be careful

According to epidemiologist Jiang Hua: Vaccination remains in place for at least three months, possibly six to nine months, based on available research.

With the recent good news that the Epidemic has eased, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters have opened, and nearly half of California’s population is now eligible for vaccination, most people feel that the year-long ordeal of the new crown (CCA virus) epidemic will soon be over and that the light is just around the corner.

But USC School of Medicine epidemiologist Huang Chongde is not optimistic, he warned that vaccination can only ensure three months of effectiveness, after three months, the body’s antibodies will decline, coupled with a variety of mutated viruses at any Time, the vaccine’s protection rate is not as effective as the public believes.

Huang Chongde said that the protection rate of the new crown vaccine is only 95%, not 100%, and the possibility of getting a serious disease after vaccination is very small, and the mortality rate is very low. However, it is still possible to be infected and the public should not take it lightly.

The CDC’s new guidelines allow fully vaccinated people to stay indoors without wearing a mask. The guidelines also state that fully vaccinated people are allowed to gather indoors with unvaccinated people from another Family without masks, so that grandparents, for example, can safely stay with their children.

Huang Chongde noted that the CDC’s new guidelines contradict previous statements. “A few weeks ago the CDC had said that it was still possible for vaccinated people to spread the virus to others, and now it’s inconsistent to say that vaccinated people can safely be with unvaccinated people.”

Of course the CDC also added that if one chooses to meet together, the premise is that none of these people are part of the high-risk group for transmission of the virus, so one must carefully assess whether one belongs to the high-risk group for transmission or not.

According to Huang Chongde, if family members and friends are fully vaccinated, they can live and socialize together normally without wearing masks, but it is only guaranteed to be safe and effective for three months, and it is uncertain whether the vaccine will still be protective after three months.

Regarding how long the protection period is after receiving the new crown vaccine, Methodist Hospital epidemiologist Jiang Hua also believes there is not yet a definite answer.

“Based on the available findings, the humoral immunity, that is, antibody immunity and cellular immunity, to the new coronavirus is definitely maintained for at least three months, and more likely six to nine months.”

According to Jiang Hua’s analysis, the human immune system has a large number of memory immune cells that produce a large number of antibodies and immune T cells immediately after encountering the same virus or bacteria again, and the survival period of these memory immune cells is usually one to two years, perhaps longer. For some viruses, these memory cells are present for Life.

“So the key thing about the protection period of the new crown vaccine is whether the new mutant strain does have immune escape, and if there is no such escape, then the vaccine can be expected to have a protection period of at least one year.”