Forcing the East Olympics to swallow Chinese vaccines hard! Olympic Committee President Bach turns out to be a good friend of the Chinese Communist Party

Cross-Strait Policy Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Yushao exposes the inside story of Olympic Committee President Bach’s support for the Chinese Communist Party in “94 to Tell

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics looks like a sure thing! Before the IOC President Bach announced that China will provide vaccines to Olympic participants and the IOC will pay for them. This statement came out Japan said they did not know, Australia seconds to hit the face will not be used, Taiwan‘s Minister of health and Welfare Chen Shizhong also said that we will let our players play first before going over. The Chinese Communist Party pushed vaccine diplomacy and the East Olympic bundle sales, Olympic Committee Chairman Bach was questioned as a replica of WHO Secretary General Tan Desai, all the same Chinese Communist Party. Zhang Yushao, Deputy Secretary General of the Cross-Strait Policy Association, exploded on the live program “94 to Guest” that Olympic Committee President Bach turned out to be a good mahjong (friend) of the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhang Yushao also revealed the secret of the Chinese Communist Party’s bad influence on Taiwan at the Olympic Games in 2018. When the initial talks to welcome the flame to Taiwan, just before the signing of the contract, the Chinese Communist Party unilaterally sent a message to prohibit the flame to come to Taiwan within a radius of 1 kilometer to prohibit the appearance of any political connotations of flags, songs, words, or will protest to the Olympic Committee to cancel Taiwan’s Olympic participation. Zhang Yushao said that in order to participate in the Olympic Games, he had to give up the trip of the flame to Taiwan.