Hell country five teenagers were bullied for days, water was poured on their heads, and the methods were extremely cruel

Five 10-year-old children who love gymnastics, but suffered a sudden nightmare. Last September, in the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau gymnastics weightlifting judo sports management center, small Kai, small bright and other five gymnastics with the dormitory of young players, collective encounter with two 15-year-old school violence: boiling water from the head down pouring, with a lighter to burn buttocks, poke with cigarettes to the body, towards the nose to pour eggs and laundry detergent …… they were violent to They were bruised and battered, and some suffered extensive burns and scalds. The five children were bullied for four or five days as their coach took the team out to play a game, and the Parents did not discover the injuries until days later ……

Five children had multiple injuries on their bodies

Several parents of the victims told the New Times that over the past six months, in addition to the two violent teenagers were withdrawn from school, the families of the five victims have not received appropriate compensation. The gymnastics, weightlifting and judo sports management center of the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau Sports Weightlifting and Judo Center”) has been avoiding the school’s supervisory responsibility on the grounds that it is “financially unable to spend”. It has become the common wish of parents to seek justice for their five children and to heal their wounds.

The distance between children and evil

Kai originally had a wonderful childhood. Because of his love for gymnastics and his talent, Kai was selected at the age of 7 to join the Sports Bureau of Hebei Province’s Body Lifting and Softball Center. He was joined by Xiaoliang, Xiaochao, Xiaobo and Xiaopeng, four children of the same age, who lived in the same dormitory, studying, training and living together, and won the provincial championship of Hebei Province during their three years at school. 2020 September 24, their lives took a turn for the worse.

According to Kai’s recollection, on that day, the school’s head coach led the 15-year-old age group players out for a competition, and Coach Wang, who was usually responsible for looking after the five of them, accompanied the team. Liu Hao and Wang Jie, the two 15-year-old players who live in the dorm next to them, were left behind at the school for some reason. As early as the summer of 2019, Liu Hao and Wang Jie often punched and kicked the five of them, “sometimes suspected that we did not clean the hygiene, sometimes there is no reason to implement harm”, and everyone has not dared to voice because of fear. This Time, taking advantage of the coaches with the team out, the school neglected to watch, Liu Hao and Wang Jie intensified, launched a frenzy of violence.

“One day at noon, Liu Hao used a lighter to burn the iron head red after, scalding our five asses, followed by a lighter to tease our sweat hair.” “That night, Liu Hao first poured boiling water from a thermos over Xiaoliang’s head, and Xiaoliang immediately cried, and then Wang Hao poured the thermos over all five of us, and we all cried.” “Liu Hao knocked all five of us on the head with a stick, Wang Jie poked my left eye with a small stick, swelling my eye, and then used his knee on our stomachs.” “Liu Hao and Wang Jie held our chests and strangled us so hard that we were all strangled and fell to the ground a dozen times.” “Wang Jie beat me one day and used a cigarette to burn the back of my right hand, which still has bruises.” “They both put laundry detergent, egg yolk, and shower gel in our mouths and noses.” “Wang Jie used a plastic bag over Xiaobo and Xiaopeng’s faces so they couldn’t breathe.” …… in later Xiaokai, Xiaoliang and several other children to parents, police station statements, one by one, complained of Liu Hao and Wang Jie’s violent behavior. According to the children’s statements, from September 24, Liu Hao and Wang Jie began to hurt them, has lasted for four or five days, during which no teacher found. “Liu Hao and Wang Jie also made up the lie that we had conflicts fighting with each other, so that we could come and lie to our parents and coaches, and if we didn’t follow the lie, we would have to be beaten again.”

Out-of-control violent teenagers

The Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau Body Lifting and Soft Center, located in Shijiazhuang, uses a fully closed training management model, and parents can enter the school only once a few days at the end or beginning of each month to visit their children. “At the end of September and the beginning of October, we parents each went to the school and found a patch of scars on their bodies with hideous faces. Later, under constant questioning by several parents, the children finally spilled the beans.” Xiao Kai’s mother Qiao Qizhen told the New Times that the parents wiped their tears while rushing to send their children to the hospital for treatment. The doctors diagnosed that the children’s face, chest, back, neck, buttocks, etc., each caused different degrees of burns burns; bruises on the body, there are scars left by cigarette burns; bruises in the ears, hearing are affected to varying degrees, two of the children’s hearing is severely damaged, hospitalized for seven days. New Times reporter saw, in one of the Hebei Friendship Hospital burn department issued outpatient medical records show: the patient traumatic necrotic tissue apparently off, traumatic base gradually turned red, the preliminary diagnosis of the body surface <10% burns.

“At that time, Wang Jie’s father admitted his mistake attitude is quite good, to our knees begging for forgiveness, Liu Hao parents are indifferent throughout, but also said that everyone is so grown up, the attitude makes us very cold.” Qiao Qizhen recalled that Wang Jie’s father pleaded with us not to pursue the child’s criminal responsibility, willing to give us compensation, considering that the other party is not yet an adult, we finally reached an understanding agreement. According to the “Compensation Understanding Agreement” signed between the two sides on October 4, Party A (Wang Jie) a one-time compensation for Party B (five children) personal injury caused by medical expenses, nursing care, disability compensation, moral damage compensation and other expenses, a total of RMB 450,000, compensation should be paid in a lump sum within 30 days from the signing of this agreement, Party B received the compensation, promised to give up the pursuit of Party A criminal responsibility and civil liability.

The indifferent attitude of Liu Hao’s parents made the parents of the victims choose to call the police. In accordance with the provisions of the Public Security Management Punishment Law on the age of responsibility, has reached 14 years of age less than 16 years of age, not responsible for administrative punishment, only in the case of intentional injury causing serious injury or death, has reached 14 years of age less than 16 years of age is criminally responsible. “October 12 the children were arranged for the injury identification, from the injury has been separated by ten days, children metabolism is relatively fast, the injury after treatment is almost well, and finally were identified as minor injuries.” Xiaoliang father Wang Haipeng said, the police gave the conclusion that “administrative detention is not implemented”, let us take the civil litigation route. Later, Wang Jie’s father only compensated a total of 65,000 yuan, the rest said he could not afford to pay, Liu Hao’s parents did not pay a penny, and now can not be contacted.

On March 12, 2021, the New Times reporter contacted Wang Jie’s parents, who refused to respond to the matter.

Missing campus supervision

After the school violence, the attitude of the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau’s Body Lifting and Soft Center also made it difficult for the parents of the victims to accept.

Qiao Qizhen recalled that after the coach left with the team, five children due to the lack of care, the coach also let Liu Hao and Wang Jie help look after. In the four or five days of their continued violence, only one coach with a female team found two children with burns, thought it was caused by mutual jostling, only a simple treatment, the other children continue to participate in training normally. Liu Hao and Wang Jie’s violence did not stop until the coach returned to the team on Sept. 29. “It was only when we sent the children to the hospital that the school got nervous. However, the school later only reimbursed the child’s treatment fee and parents’ accommodation fee, regarding compensation, liability and other related issues, parents have approached the school for consultation many times, but the school has been dragging its feet for a long time.”

According to an audio recording provided by the parents, the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau Body Lifting and Soft Center a responsible for handling the matter of Li Director had said that the school has not evaded responsibility, but also hope that in the case of non-compliance, through normal channels to allow the child to get greater financial compensation. “(Compensation) this piece has to require the expenditure of provincial financial funds, our units have to have a procedural, legally valid things, similar to judgments, arbitration, mediation and other written documents, (funds) have to have such a provenance, this matter can be further advanced, we are not opposed to your use of legal means (rights).” Director Li said vaguely. The parents are puzzled by this: the child is suffering from the lack of supervision in the school, why do parents have to provide documents? And what kind of documentation should we provide?

On March 12, 2021, the new Times reporter contacted Director Li, the other side said “the school is negotiating a solution, because the minors involved, it is not convenient to accept interviews.” According to the “Supreme People’s Court on the trial of personal injury compensation cases applicable law interpretation of Article 7: “the minors are legally obliged to Education, management, protection of schools, kindergartens or other educational institutions, failure to fulfill the relevant obligations within the scope of duties caused minors to suffer personal injury, or minors caused personal injury to others, should The parents of the five victims of the recent six months have been responsible for the damages. In the last six months, the parents of the five victims have been running around, while fighting with Liu Hao and Wang Jie’s parents, while looking for the school to negotiate compensation, the current progress is not smooth.

After the incident, Xiao Liang and other four children went Home to recuperate for a period of time, after Liu Hao, Wang Jie was withdrawn from school, they returned to school training. Xiao Kai due to mood swings, Qiao Qizhen finally let him drop out of school, terminated the gymnast this road, transferred to an ordinary elementary school in Baoding. Today, Kai continues to wake up from Nightmares. Qiao Qizhen holds her son gently in her arms and looks at the scars left on his body, but she can’t help but shed tears. (To protect the privacy of interviewees and minors, Qiao Qizhen, Wang Haipeng, Liu Hao and Wang Jie are all pseudonyms)