Top U.S. military official publicly threatens Carlson with violence: “Trust me, if the Defense Department attacks you, you’ll know it.”

Last Wednesday, Fox News host Carlson mocked the military and Biden‘s important new program, the maternity flight suit, and the next day the U.S. military brass launched a coordinated attack on their latest enemy, Carlson, who hit back at the military’s siege with a raw fury that night. The Gateway Pundit reported over the weekend that the U.S. military has now begun publicly threatening and trolling journalists and conservatives.

The Gateway Pundit A sergeant major openly threatened Carlson with violence. This is insane! Command Sgt. Maj. Benjamin C. Lemon Jr. tweeted, “The DoD did not attack your show and we absolutely disagree with you! Trust me, if the DoD attacked you, you would know it. It’s doctrinal.”

A senior military official is now publicly threatening a cable news host, the host of The First TV said.

Retired Colonel Maness responded to the threat, “Threatening to use violence against civilian journalists who criticize policy? Really?”

On Friday, the official Twitter account of the U.S. Marine Corps trolled and attacked civilians and referred to Fox host Carlson as a “baby boomer mouthpiece. This is Joe Biden’s America.

“Look what the armed forces look like today, Carlson, while you’re at it, you baby boomer mouth-breather.” That’s what the U.S. Marine Corps wrote on its official Twitter feed, which has now been deleted.

The Gateway Pundit writes that when civilians expressed concern about a politicized military, the official government account responded by trolling and attacking Americans. When one civilian responded, “Please focus on China, not Carlson.” The U.S. Marine Corps account retorted, “Wait until you’ve served and are pregnant.” The tweet was also missing.

A Fox reporter commented, “Pretty wild to see this tweet from an official U.S. Army account…”

The person who runs the military’s Twitter account tried to backtrack after major backlash, tweeting, “We’re human and we screwed up. We were trying to speak up for female Marines to support them.”

A retired Army colonel criticized the Marines’ rhetorical attacks on civilians, writing, “With all due respect to the Marines, but have you authorized regulations that allow for political involvement? If not, perhaps some discipline needs to be instilled in the Marine Corps, as the Marines seem to be ignoring the organization’s regulations.” He attached to the tweet a Department of Defense notice that members of the military are not allowed to engage in political activities.

Where has order, discipline and decorum gone, asks The Gateway Pundit?