The girlfriend is scared silly! Because of a verbal dispute Fuzhou man was repeatedly rushed to death by the driver of the drop

In the early hours of March 14, a driver of a drop car in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, had an altercation with a male passenger, and then drove into the passenger several times to kill him.

On March 14, a netizen broke the news, 14 early morning, his cousin in Fuzhou Changle District, Heshan Town, hit the drop network taxi Home, after getting on the car because of a verbal dispute with the driver was refused, his cousin to the driver’s car threw empty drink bottles, after the driver turned around and repeatedly hit his cousin to death.

According to the blast, around 2:00 a.m. that day, his cousin and his girlfriend through the drop express car appointment, because the person’s cell phone card in his father’s phone, worried that the driver will wake up his sleeping father on the phone, it asked the driver not to have to call to contact, but the driver arrived and still called to contact. His cousin got into the car and accountable driver, the two then argued, after the driver said refused to carry, drive the party off.

After the pair got out of the car, the male passenger threw the empty bottle at the driver’s car, and the driver immediately drove around and rushed towards the pair of passengers. After the male passenger was knocked into the guardrail, the driver repeatedly reversed the car and rammed the male passenger several times, causing his death.

The Red Star News reports that another cousin of the deceased, Mr. Lin, was contacted, and Mr. Lin gave a detailed account of the incident. The deceased, Mr. Zhang, 35, was ready to go home after playing cards at a friend’s house on March 14, when he called an online taxi through DDT, because the taxi Time was past 2 a.m. Mr. Zhang informed the driver in text form through the DDT platform that the cell phone card bound to the taxi account was in the hands of Mr. Zhang’s father, and that if he dialed the phone he would wake up his sleeping father, hoping that the driver would not make the call, but at about 2:40 a.m. the driver Still dialed that phone.

“Cousin got on the car and asked the driver why he still wanted to call, and had a verbal argument with the driver, who told his cousin and his girlfriend to get off. After the cousin got off the car, the green tea bottle that was still a little liquid left after drinking was thrown at the trunk of the car, the driver of the drop immediately turned around and knocked them off, the cousin’s girlfriend was knocked off to the side of the road, the cousin was knocked into the wall, and then the driver reversed the car again and hit the cousin.”

“The driver said after arriving at the case that there were a total of three reversals into people, but the cousin’s girlfriend witnessed the whole process, and she recalled that the driver reversed into people more than three times.” Mr. Lin said that Mr. Zhang’s girlfriend was stunned and had never seen such a horrific image.

Mr. Lin also said that after the driver hit someone, the police were called at the scene, “but said that there was a car accident.” Mr. Zhang still had vital signs at the time, and later died after the rescue, while Mr. Zhang’s girlfriend was also hit in the leg, the injury is relatively minor.

Many netizens message that the driver is legally illiterate, driving deliberately hit people to death, apparently intentional homicide.

After Mr. Zhang’s Family posted the information online, the staff of DDT contacted the family and went to Changle District.

On March 15, the DDT Safety Committee informed the incident. At present the driver of the accident has been criminally arrested.

The briefing said that the driver involved in the accident registered as a Drip driver in April 2019 after passing a background audit and obtained a network reservation cab car driver’s license with 19 years of driving experience, etc.