Iranian Cargo Ship Attacked! Israel May Be Opening a New Front Against Iran

According to the words of the Iranian Shipping Company spokesman, the Iranian-flagged container ship “Iran-Shahrekord”, 10 days in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near the territorial waters of Syria was attacked, the attack is likely to be caused by explosive charges (mines?). but did not cause much damage, starting a small fire was quickly extinguished without any loss of Life, “this terrorist act constitutes an act of piracy at sea and a violation of international law on the safety of commercial navigation.”

The Iranian side then announced that Israel was behind the attack on the container ship “Iran-Shahrekord”, however, the Israeli side did not make any comments on this, some Iranian media said that the container ship “Iran-Shahrekord The Iranian media said that the container ship “Iran-Shahrekord” was not a mine attack, but was hit by a missile, most likely fired by fighter jets.

Last month, an Israeli car carrier in the Strait of Hormuz near Iran was similarly attacked, also minor damage, no casualties, many people suspect that the attack on this Israeli cargo ship and Iran, and just a few days ago, the Israeli Defense Ministry report that the attack on that Israeli cargo ship is related to Iran, Iran is responsible for this, but Tehran denies that it is related to itself.

The attack on the Iranian container ship Iran-Shahrekord is likely only the beginning, as U.S. media claim that Israel targeted twelve ships believed to be carrying Iranian oil, which is important to Iran and its proxies, in addition to the Israeli side’s preparations to target Iranian weapons carriers. “Israel has opened a new and previously unknown front, namely attacking Iranian ships at sea,” after the Israeli side limited itself to striking only the arsenal of Iranian forces in Syria.

The commentary argues that Israel’s strikes on Iranian oil tankers in the Mediterranean have a great impact on Syria, where the Syrian petrochemical facilities located in the port of Tartus are largely responsible for the Crude Oil supplied by Iran.