Myanmar protesting Chinese factories were set on fire, Yangon Ledaiah district under martial law

The Burmese military declared a state of siege in the Ledaia district of Yangon on the evening of February 14, when dozens of people died in a military police crackdown and a number of factories were set on fire, including a Chinese investment in Global Fashion.

The Burmese military launched a coup on Feb. 1, and people have been protesting in the streets non-stop. On the afternoon of Feb. 14, the military and police again cracked down on protesters in Yangon’s Hlaing Tharyar district, the first major city.

According to independent media “Myanmar Now”, at least 14 people were killed in the crackdown.

According to The Irrawaddy, one of the factories was a Chinese invested Global Fashion and another was a Taiwanese invested shoe factory, Tsang Yih, in the industrial area of Ledaya. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The state-run Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) announced yesterday evening that the Ledaya district was under martial law and that the military had taken over the district.