Oklahoma legislation to exempt motorists, black and white?

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill that exempts motorists who flee the scene and strike rioters. The bill has two main components: a penalty for rioters, who can be prosecuted for misdemeanors for interfering with traffic and endangering motorists at demonstrations, and protection for motorists from criminal and civil lawsuits when motorists fleeing the scene of a riot for their personal safety hit a rioter. A mob is defined here as those who use violence or looting during a demonstration, and these individuals face criminal prosecution and prison Time.

The punishment for thugs seems to be what it should have been, the general state already has enough laws to use, why new legislation is needed, that is, the national BLM and antifa riots last summer, Portland has not stopped until now, damaging a large amount of public and private property, thugs are rarely punished, while the mob was mobbed by violent passersby fleeing accidentally hit the mob but face prosecution.

In one such case in Oklahoma, a journalist was surrounded by protesters while covering the BLM riots in the state, and faced jail time for running into them while fleeing. The legislation is meant to protect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Supporters of the law say it only violates the right to peaceful protest demonstrations in the event of violence, and helps protests remain peaceful and not infringe on the freedom of others. Yet the legislation is being challenged by Democrats in the state legislature, with Democratic lawmakers arguing that the bill targets protesters against systemic racism without attempting to address the underlying problem.

This is an interesting argument, first, that there is no systemic racism in the United States, whether in the Constitution, laws or executive orders, and that reverse racial discrimination to is really systemic, such as discrimination against white and Asian enrollment; second, that the legislator equates violence with anti-racist protesters, which is more or less true, and that we rarely saw the kind of peace we saw in the Hong Kong protests last summer. Finally, there is injustice in every society, and if any disgruntled person can use violence, there will never be peace in society; today the reason is racism, tomorrow it can be something else, and again, the victims of the BLM and Antifa riots are simply innocent passers-by and residents, not the makers of so-called injustice. The root cause is actually very simple: political correctness by politicians and media with ulterior motives, etc.

Do innocent passers-by who are surrounded or attacked have the right to escape? Castle law and the principle of non-return, castle law is the Home or its extension (some states include the car) can not be invaded, the principle of non-return is the right to self-defense extended to the public places allowed to go, many state laws provide that individuals under attack is not required to retreat, is the least allowed to self-defense states, there is also a right to flee. In fact, there is only one way to prohibit the non-retreat doctrine, and it is encouraged or required, and that is to flee.

Strangely enough, there are lawmakers who try to take away the right of the people, not the right to self-defense, but the right to flee, to save their lives from harm, and unfortunately, that is what is happening in America.